Zoom now lets you add third-party apps to your conversations

Zoom furthers its ambitions to be your go-to app for virtual meetings and events by making Zoom Apps and Zoom Events widely available starting Wednesday.

Zoom apps are third-party integrations that appear directly in your Zoom call. More than 50 apps will be available, including apps like Asana, the Pexels wallpaper app or even games like Head up. If you’re using the latest version of the Zoom client, you can install apps from a new Apps tab that you see on the toolbar during Zoom conversations (although your company admin may need to enable them).

Zoom’s event platform, Zoom Events, offers features that allow you to host robust virtual events. For example, you can create a hub that provides details about the event and set up a chat in the hub. You can also sell tickets through Zoom Events, and the company does not participate in that sale. Zoom still offers On Zoom, the event platform designed for small businesses and acting more like a virtual event marketplace, though it remains “in beta,” the company said.

Zoom first announced OnZoom and integrated third-party apps in October. The Zoom Events platform was first unveiled in May.