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Zoe Ball apologizes to BBC Radio 2 listeners as Gogglebox’s Lee Riley curses THREE times


Zoe Ball was forced to apologize to BBC Radio 2 listeners when Gogglebox star Lee Riley cursed no less than three times live.

The 52-year-old host apologized to the public when the 52-year-old reality star caused chaos by unleashing a series of expletives on Wednesday.

Accompanied by their friend and co-star Jenny Newby, 65, the pair had been discussing Gogglebox’s 10th anniversary when it all went wrong.

They were shown a clip from the Channel 4 show and asked to guess which episode it was taken from.

After seeing it, Lee was like, ‘Oh yeah, that was that green shit,’ but soon realized his mistake and followed up with, ‘Oh shit, I said shit, sorry.

Oh! Zoe Ball was forced to apologize to BBC Radio 2 listeners when Gogglebox star Lee Riley swore no less than three times live.

Zoe soon tried to defuse the situation, telling listeners, “Sorry about the language,” before joking that even Liam Gallagher had made it through his show without swearing.

She quipped, “Lee, okay, we’ll just say sorry, sorry for the language, Jenny, stop laughing. If it’s going to be someone, let it be Lee from Gogglebox.’

Zoe was left emotional on Friday when she said goodbye to fellow Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce on his last day at the station.

The media personality informed Breakfast Show listeners of his sadness to see the Scottish presenter leave early, after BBC bosses refused to let him work until the end of his scheduled contract.

Ken was due to leave his beloved mid-morning slot to join rival station Greatest Hits Radio at the end of this month, but BBC bosses demanded he resign on Friday, 17 days early.

Paying tribute to her friend, Zoe called him a “class act” while filming him watching his latest show, after bringing it up multiple times during hers.

Asked how she was doing during the breakfast show by a caller, Zoe replied, “I’m really good, kind of excited because today is Ken’s last day and we love him so much.”

Sharing that the departure had affected the entire Radio 2 team, Zoe continued: “Actually, we’re making a fuss and he hates fuss.”

Causing chaos: Along with their friend and co-star Jenny Newby, 65, the couple had been discussing Gogglebox's 10th anniversary when it all went wrong

Causing chaos: Along with their friend and co-star Jenny Newby, 65, the couple had been discussing Gogglebox’s 10th anniversary when it all went wrong

Ken’s final show followed Zoe’s, and the latter managed to tune in during her car ride home.

Filming his car’s smart screen as Ken logged out during the show, he wrote, “Class act” over the video, complete with a love heart emoji.

Many fans took to the comments section of Zoe’s post to share their own sadness over Ken’s departure, as one wrote: “Absolutely loved your show, have listened to it every day for 30 years through good times and bad.” . I will now switch to Greatest Hits Radio on April 3, 2023 at 10 am to 1 pm No more radio. 2 for me’

While another echoed: ‘Absolute legend. Radio 2 is hardly worth listening to anymore. (Apart from you obviously, Zoe)’.

It seems she wasn’t the only studio member who would miss Ken, as her booth was littered with well-wishing cards during the last show.

After four decades at the BBC, and three with his mid-morning slot on BBC 2, the Scottish presenter will be replaced by Vernon Kay.

Admitting that it was “a shame” that he was not allowed to finish his full contract with the station, Ken explained the station’s decision for him to leave early during an appearance on Radio 4’s Today show.

Ken said: ‘The BBC have every right to ask me to step back a bit early. But for the sake of 17 days, which was all that was left (in my contract), it seems a shame.

‘For the last 46 years, I haven’t had much free time, I’ve tried to show up whenever I’m asked to. So my natural feeling as a broadcaster is if I have 17 days to do, I want to do it.’

Fellow Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine, who hosts the slot immediately afterward, paid tribute to the broadcaster on air.

He said: ‘Am I allowed to say I’ve worked with some great people and you’re the best? I know you don’t like praise, you are the most generous, intelligent and talented colleague.

The veteran broadcaster still praised the BBC during his closing words on the final show, saying: “And to the BBC, I’ve been here a long time and, apart from the occasional quirks, it’s still the best broadcasting organization in the world.” .

“I thought about the song to end and one that comes and ends, it could be, The End.”

His final song choice was a medley of Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End that closes The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

Speaking as he left the BBC’s Wogan House in London for the last time, Bruce said he will still fondly remember his time at Radio 2 despite the premature departure.

Reflecting on whether the early departure made the game bittersweet, he said: ‘No, it’s okay, I’m happy now. Everything is behind me. It is not a problem.’

Asked what advice he would give his successor Vernon Kay, Bruce added: ‘Vernon doesn’t need my advice. He is a great guy and I wish him all the best.

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