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YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Tips Channel Following Crypto Scammer Hack



Popular tech YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips was hacked, resurfacing with a various name promoting crypto rip-off videos including Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk. The hack is among lots of such events of account breaches on the video streaming platform with cryptocurrency fraudsters being the routine transgressor.

Account Terminated in Damage Control Move

An hour after the hack was reported, YouTube appears to have actually ended the account, probably to stop the crypto fraudsters from tempting in unwary audiences. It is thought that YouTube is working in the background to bring back channel ownership back to Linus Sebastian.

YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Tips Channel

The channel had 15.3 million customers who were dealt with to 2 live streams with phishing links. A lot of surprisingly, as the existing channel videos were being erased by the fraudsters, and seemingly brought back by YouTube, some erstwhile personal videos with titles prefaced by “DO NOT UPLOAD” were likewise revealed in the pull of war in between YouTube and the hackers.

The most current hacks targeted the primary LinusTechTips channel, altering the name to “@temporaryhandle”. The channel has actually likewise erased the majority of the videos, although they were slowly getting brought back.

2 Other Linus Media Group Channels Hacked

In addition, other Linus Media Group accounts (probably connected to the very same e-mail ID) consisting of Techquickie and TechLinked were likewise hacked, with brand-new names focused around Tesla offered to them.

The hacked tech channel streamed 2 deepfake videos including Elon Musk speaking about cryptocurrency with Twitter creator, Jack Dorsey. Among them is called “OpenAI ChatGPT-4: The Game Changing AI Technology”, whereas the other is called “LinusTechTips & & Elon Musk Special Crypto Giveaway.” This one was removed 20 minutes into streaming, while the very first stream decreased after 35 minutes of broadcast.

Hackers Use Popular Channels as Phishing Baits

That stated, both streams once again went live, in what appears to be a continuous tug-of-war in between the hackers and YouTube. Both live streams seem similar, and consisted of a link to a harmful “Crypto Giveaway” site in the chat. The link is rather certainly a phishing effort to get cryptocurrency wallets from unwary audiences.

YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Tips Channel

The hack becomes part of a series of comparable attacks over the previous year where crypto fraudsters breached accounts to promote livestreams pressing audiences to dubious crypto websites through links or QR codes.

Formerly, the YouTube channel of the British Army was hacked to promote crypto rip-offs, after a phony Apple crypto fraud appeared a couple of months in the past. Channels of popular artists – Lil Nas X, Drake, Taylor Swift were likewise breached with comparable outcomes.

How Did LTT Get Hacked?

It is not instantly clear how the LTT channel got hacked, whether it’s a case of jeopardized password or two-factor authentication. There is likewise no clearness on what YouTube is doing to safeguard high worth accounts from being breached by bad stars.

One YouTuber called Sully declared the breaches are done through phony sponsors connecting to YouTubers, who are then encouraged to download a file which includes malware to take cookies. They can then from another location control PCs and get to the YouTube accounts.

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