YouTube Music receives support for Siri and desktop web apps

Youtube music receive a few minor but useful updates today: full support for Siri and support for installation as a desktop web app.


If you use an iOS device, you can now ask Siri to play songs directly from YouTube Music. For a long time, Siri only supported Apple's own music sources. But in iOS 13, Apple has added the ability for Siri to tap third-party apps with a long-awaited update. Spotify added support for this feature earlier this month and now YouTube follows this example with support for its own music streaming service.

Today's other new feature, desktop web app support, means that you can now have a stand-alone YouTube Music app on your computer, instead of having to visit the site in your browser. Because it is a web app, there is not much difference with just visiting the website, but it can be nice to have your music player in its own window, without the browser interface around it. It can also have its own icon to start from.

If you want to install the web app, your browser will probably add a small icon to the right side of your address bar when you visit YouTube Music. The web app does not seem to be available to everyone yet, but YouTube says the support is being rolled out.

The features bring YouTube Music just a little closer to Spotify when it comes to native platform support. In addition to being a web player, Spotify also has a desktop app (although this is far from perfect). The YouTube Music app is not native, but it is a step in the right direction to feel at home on any platform.