YouTube Music is now pre-installed on Android devices

YouTube Music is the newest Google app that is bundled as part of Android. The company has announced that the subscription music service will be pre-installed on all devices running Android 10 – replacing Google Play Music.


Until now, YouTube Music required a separate download from Google Play, but not anymore. The app is also preloaded on new devices that will be delivered with Android 9 Pie in the future.

"Google Play Music listeners with new Android 10 devices can continue to enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging in to their accounts," wrote YouTube Music product manager Brandon Bilinski in a blog post.

Since the launch of YouTube Music, Google has said that the service will eventually replace Google Play Music as its only subscription music platform. But the company has lagged behind transferring user uploads and libraries from GPM to YouTube Music, and people are not willing to make the switch until the migration has been successful. Whenever there is news about YouTube Music, I ask the company for a progress update and I usually get a form of "still working on it" as an answer.

Even before this new bundled placement, YouTube aggressively advertised its premium subscriptions in the hugely popular app, with frequent pop-up screens that advertise the benefits of YouTube Premium. Paying for YouTube provides an ad-free viewing experience, allows offline downloads and includes a YouTube Music Premium membership. But the extent to which YouTube Premium is being pushed on people has made it somewhat irritating.