<pre><pre>YouTube is launching educational playlists that do not contain algorithmic recommendations

YouTube is introducing a new educational feature called Learning Playlists that offers special landing pages for educational videos on various topics, including math, science, music, and language. The playlists have organizational functions, such as chapters on key concepts, organized from beginner to advanced lessons. The pages will also be remarkably free of recommended videos, so that viewers can concentrate on their lessons without distractions.

YouTube has come under fire because of the recommended videos driven by the algorithm that can sometimes lead viewers to radicalizing or other disturbing content. Although the company was reluctant in the past to reject recommendations because it would cause less traffic to other videos, deleting recommended videos from Learning Playlists shows that YouTube does not take any risk if it's about getting educational content. Videos & # 39; s also don't play automatically at the end of a playlist, so you can't fall asleep and wake up with video & conspiracy theory videos during chemistry lessons.

Over the course of the year, the platform has worked with video makers and educational organizations to expand educational content. Last October, YouTube announced that it was investing $ 20 million toward these creators and sources through a Learning Fund initiative. YouTube says it starts with placing trusted partners in the learning playlists, such as Khan Academy and TED-Ed. Channels love Emergency course by makers Hank and John Green will teach topics like chemistry, and channels such as the Coding Train will teach professional skills such as JavaScript.