YouTube is banning streams that killed Red Dead Redemption 2 feminist

In the last few days the controversy has surrounded a broad cut where a Red Dead Redemption 2 Player mistakenly celebrates an in-game feminist to an alligator. After the press reported that the clip had been seen nearly a million times by commentators who cheated the action, the uploader temporarily got all his channel done from YouTube. Hours later, YouTube returned its decision and admitted that its content auditors sometimes make "mistakes".

The YouTube video concerned was first and foremost aware of via motherboard, a publication that was linked to a YouTuber named Shirrako, who had uploaded two controversial clips. The first to be seen 1.6 million times, Shirrako has exclaimed a suffrageted NPC who shouts at a plaza of voting rights. Red Dead Redemption 2, A western that takes place in 1899 allows players to speak with each character, allowing for both friendly and aggressive opportunities, depending on the player's mood. While the game does not directly promote any particular form of behavior, it comes with a moral system that punishes the player for breaking the law. In the first game, however, there was a performance to bend a woman and see that she was crossed by a train.

The first clip that occurred during a live stream was coincidence, according to Shirrako – in a quote to motherboard, the streamers said that "The NPC is made to be quite annoying when you try to shop for clothes in the game, your dialogue with the storeholder is interrupted by her shout so I only wanted to act in peace." Shirrako added that the clip was a joke, not political, and while they did not agree with the sexist comments that some left on the video that YouTuber did not "like to censor people's opinions, whether I like them or not."

The video was followed by another clip, where Shirrako Lassos feminist drew her to an alligator who then eats her. It has been seen over 800,000 times by cheering fans.

It should be noted that the Shirrako Channel is full of such videos, apparently showing no favoriteism for any person in the game. Before uploading the alligator movies, YouTuber also uploaded clips where he broke down the KKK members (778,000 views), followed by a video where he received an incoming train to kill a lassoed KKK member (18,000 views). Days ago, the channel also uploaded clips from Shirrako and hit a politician, a character based on Hitler, a whole city and another where YouTuber tries and fails to kill children. However, these videos did not get the same mainstream attention.

Two days after the feminist video hub, Shirrako's channel was terminated for violations of YouTube's Community Guidelines and an email shared with motherboard noticed that the video service does not allow "graphic content that appears to be broadcast in a shocking, sensational or disrespectful manner", nor does it "allow content that is aimed at encouraging violence or encouraging dangerous activities. "

This news bounced waves on YouTube, with commentators noting that it was a dangerous precedent to ban people from the platform based on what they have done in a video game, especially as violence is predominant among many popular games.

In addition to commentary videos, other YouTubers clipped in solidarity with Shirrako, while others asked YouTube directors to review the matter. After a further review, YouTube Shirrako's channel traveled, as all videos became intact, but used an age restriction for the recordings.

"YouTube's Community Guidelines prohibit, among other things, free violence, nudity, dangerous and illegal activities and hate issues," says a YouTube spokesman. Verge. "Creative formats like video games can be challenging to assess, but when content crosses the line and is highlighted under our attention, we take action as needed."

The age limit warning, which is now displayed before the videos.

YouTube also notes that any flagged video is being reviewed internally and that the service removes everything it considers to be a violation. When asked by a journalist what was done internally to ensure that this did not happen again, YouTube playwright Ryan Wyatt tweeted, "Sometimes we make mistakes and therefore we have multiple escalation paths for proofreaders to make hard decisions and we give the creators the right to appeal. The reviewer will be educated about this outcome and about how to avoid repeating this mistake."

It is unclear how YouTube just decided to end the channel and what the apple process for this whole debacle was. For example, YouTube has just taken another look because people with clout did a ruckus over it? If so, have smaller channels a way to challenge unfair platform decisions that are as fast and effective if they do not have a big enough microphone to broadcast it? The YouTube spokesman did not provide these answers The rim, but Wyatt notes on social media that he often looks at things that people tell him about on Twitter and urged people to talk to the official Team YouTube account "with as much supportive documentation as possible!"

Since the re-introduction of the channel, Shirrako has uploaded clips titled "Deporting A Mexican," "Hitler Gets Punched Off A Cliff" and "Beating Up Chinese Man."