<pre><pre>YouTube is introducing changes to give people more control over recommended videos

YouTube has introduced an updated filtering system for managing comment sections, with the aim of making it easier for makers to find questions and separate individual comments based on the number of subscribers.


Creators can receive thousands and thousands of responses to their videos, making a robust filtering system useful for interacting with viewers. A better search system is the most important function request that the company receives from makers, according to the YouTube blog post on the topic published earlier today. The new filter options now include:

  • Response status: has the maker already responded to this comment?
  • Contains question: does the comment contain a question?
  • Number of subscribers: does the commentator have at least 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, one million or 10 million subscribers?
  • Subscriber status: is the commentator publicly subscribed to the creator?
  • Member status: is the commentator a member?

YouTube currently has a filter system, but it's not that powerful. A common frustration that the company has experienced in the past is the limited use of keywords. "Earlier keyword search only showed responses with an exact match (so searching with" subs "would only find" subs ")," the blog post says. "With this update, you see search results that go beyond exact search (so now you also see" subscriber "or" subscribers "for the same search query)."

Trying to work in the busy YouTube comments section is still difficult and the company is working on adding more options to the filter system. Earlier examples of features that have been added to filtering responses were makers' hearts, which means YouTubers like people's responses, puts comments at the top, and gives makers control over their comments.