YouTube has indefinitely removed Steven Crowder from its affiliate program


Two weeks ago, after YouTube revealed that its definition of hate speech was so narrow that it couldn’t remove a wildly racist rant because we were wildly racist, we wondered out loud what it would take to stop YouTube promoting conservative commentator Steven Crowder as an official YouTube partner and let him take advantage of those rants.

Today we have a partial answer: YouTube officially suspended Steven Crowder’s main channel from the YouTube affiliate program indefinitely, including removing its ability to show ads.

It also bans him from uploading videos for a week following his latest offense: a now-deleted video that allegedly called into question the legitimacy of the Nevada vote. YouTube has a policy against false claims that the election was stolen. Crowder has already announced his intention to upload videos to his other Crowder Bits channel.

Here’s YouTube’s statement (including links):

In order to monetize on YouTube, channels must comply with the YouTube Partner Program Policy, including our Guidance for the community Google AdSense Program Policies, and Advertiser guidelinesChannels that repeatedly violate our policies will be removed from the affiliate program. In addition, we removed a video from Steven Crowder’s channel for violating ours integrity policy for presidential elections and applied one strike, which means uploads will be suspended for a week.

While YouTube doesn’t tell us which drop broke the camel’s back when it comes to the YouTube affiliate program (and its ad-serving ability), the company did point us out two specific guidelines around controversial issues and sensitive events and harmful and dangerous actsI would have guessed that terrible, racist rants would have already broken the YouTube affiliate program hateful and derogatory content policy, but I don’t think I should read too much into that.

It’s not the first time Crowder has been removed from the YouTube affiliate program. Last time it took him a little over a year to come back.