Your Ultimate Pre-Vacation Checklist for a Relaxing Trip

Going on vacation is one of the best chances most people have to unwind, unplug, and escape work obligations. However, sometimes the days leading up to your trip and the journey itself can be more stressful than normal life. To help you avoid this, here are some top tips for ensuring a relaxing travel experience. Use this checklist, and you should arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and excited about the vacation ahead.

Before You Leave Home

One of the most important factors is to get as much of the travel admin done before you leave. This will save you time and hassle both at the airport and on the vacation itself. For instance, this includes:

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  • Buying san diego zoo tickets or entrance to other attractions that might have a long line or sell out.
  • Checking into your flight in advance online and booking your preferred seats on the plane.
  • Weighing your luggage to check it’s not over the limit.
  • Taking care not to pack any prohibited items (such as large containers of liquid in your hand luggage).
  • Putting your passports, boarding passes, and other key essentials in an easily accessible place.
  • Arranging airport parking, booking train tickets, or a cab to get you to the airport in time.

There are also a few simple household tasks you need to take care of before leaving home. This will make sure that you don’t come back to any nasty surprises or have a panic en route because you think you’ve forgotten to do something important.

  • Empty the trash and take it out.
  • Clear out any food that will expire during your trip.
  • Turn off all electronic devices that won’t need power while you’re away, like the TV, to save money and reduce fire hazards.
  • Check all the doors and windows are securely locked.
  • Set your alarm, if you have one.
  • Consider using a system that will turn certain lights on and off while you’re on vacation, so it’s not obvious that the house is unoccupied.
  • Turn your heating or AC off.
  • Have a general tidy-up so that you come home to a nice clean house, rather than a bunch of chores.

On the Flight

Some people find flying to be an uncomfortable and stressful experience. However, with a little planning and the following insider tips, you can transform it into a fun stage of your vacation

  • Drink lots of water during the flight to stay hydrated and avoid having too much alcohol.
  • Pack some mini toiletries so you can freshen up before you reach your destination.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing, preferably with several layers that allow you to adjust your body temperature.
  • Get up and stretch frequently, especially on a long-haul flight, to avoid stiffness.
  • Purchase a top-quality travel pillow and an eye mask to help you get to sleep more easily on the plane.
  • Bring a selection of your favorite snacks. Ideally, you want to eat healthily, avoiding too much salt.
  • Pack a good book in your hand luggage to keep you entertained or load up a tablet with some movies you’ve been wanting to watch.
  • Bring some noise-canceling headphones and make an offline playlist of your favorite tunes for your flight.

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