Your state ranks in the top ten. The wait times for hospitals and the healthcare costs are revealed

If you have an emergency, you probably don’t want to be in Maryland — the state has the longest hospital wait times in the country.

While the average American waits two hours and 25 minutes to be seen in the ER, Maryland residents wait three hours and 48 minutes.

That’s according to a new analysis from online pharmacy NiceRx, which ranked U.S. states in emergency room wait times and healthcare spending for 2020.

The largest lenders and also the most populous states were California, which spent $174.1 billion on health care, followed by New York ($131 billion) and Texas ($75.9 billion).

It comes after reported the unhealthiest states in America, based on gym density, number of smokers and level of obesity.

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The map above shows the average hospital wait times in the US in 2020, the latest available year. Maryland scored the worst, followed by Delaware and Massachusetts. States with longer wait times tended to be on the East and West Coasts, while South and Central American states generally had better wait times

The Map Above Shows Health Care Spending By State, Although It'S Not Broken Down By Per Capita.  California Tops Overall, Followed By New York And Texas

The map above shows health care spending by state, although it’s not broken down by per capita. California tops overall, followed by New York and Texas

Ten states with the longest ER wait times

  1. Maryland – 228 minutes;
  2. Delaware – 195 minutes;
  3. Massachusetts – 189 minutes;
  4. Rhodes Island – 185 minutes;
  5. New York – 184 minutes;
  6. Arizona – 176 minutes;
  7. New Jersey – 173 minutes;
  8. Connecticut – 166 minutes;
  9. California – 164 minutes;
  10. Illinois – 157 minutes.

Source: Becker’s Hospital Review

Ten states with the shortest ER wait times

  1. North Dakota – 104 minutes;
  2. south dakota – 113 minutes;
  3. Nebraska – 114 minutes;
  4. Oklahoma – 115 minutes;
  5. Kansas – 117 minutes;
  6. Hawaii – 117 minutes;
  7. Iowa – 123 minutes;
  8. Mississippi – 124 minutes;
  9. Montana – 127 minutes;
  10. Arkansas – 127 minutes.

Source: Becker’s Hospital Review

The second worst state for wait times in the US was Delaware, at three hours and fifteen minutes, followed by Massachusetts at three hours and nine minutes.

Rounding out the worst five were Rhode Island (three hours and five minutes) and New York (three hours and four minutes).

At the other end of the scale was North Dakota, with an average wait time of one hour and 44 minutes.

How unhealthy is YOUR condition?

Now look away if you live in West Virginia – your state has just been crowned the unhealthiest in America.

Fitness experts created a health index to compare six key health indicators across the country, including smoking and obesity, and the number of gym memberships and fast food restaurants.

The results are bad if you live in many Southern and Midwestern states, which make up eight of the 10 least healthy states.

Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Ohio round out the five worst in the country, while fitness California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Texas were the healthiest overall.

The scale, created by Indiana-based online fitness company Total Shape, gathered data from public sources to give all 50 states a score of one to 60. A higher score indicated a healthier state.

Just above the state were South Dakota and Nebraska, with average wait times of just under two hours.

Figures on hospital wait times were compiled using the Becker’s Hospital Review, which monitors healthcare departments across the country.

Data is included for 15 months from January 2020 to March 2021.

Wait times probably eased at the start of the Covid pandemic, as many stayed away from hospital for fear of contracting the virus.

Lockdowns and the switch to telemedicine also lead to less pressure on departments.

But in recent months, admissions have risen again due to the return of seasonal viruses such as flu and RSV, once again pushing hospitals to the brink of collapse.

States with higher emergency room wait times were mostly led by Democrats and were located along the East and West Coasts.

They also tended to have larger populations than those with shorter wait times.

In terms of spending, California – the most populous state in the country – has the most spent on health care at $174.1 billion.

New York spent the second highest amount, $87.1 billion, followed by Texas with $75.9 billion.

Pennsylvania – $58.3 billion – and Ohio – $45.3 billion – were also in the top five.

At the other end of the scale were Wyoming – $1.2 billion -, South Dakota – $1.8 billion – and North Dakota – $2.4 billion.

NiceRx compiled the numbers from data published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Officials calculated total health care spending in each state by adding up ten different categories.

1669992536 3 Where Does Your State Rank Hospital Wait Times And Healthcare

1669992537 420 Where Does Your State Rank Hospital Wait Times And Healthcare

These were: nursing home and ambulance costs, hospital costs, physician and clinical services, dental services, home care, prescription drugs, nursing home care, durable medical products and others.

The data was only for the year 2020.

In most states, personal health care, such as money for nursing homes or ambulances, made up the bulk of health care expenditures.

Durable medical products – such as oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, etc. – accounted for the lowest total spend.

Ten states with the least health care expenditures

  1. Wyoming – $1.2 billion in healthcare spending;
  2. south dakota – $1.8 billion in healthcare spending;
  3. North Dakota – $2.4 billion in healthcare spending;
  4. Vermont – $3.2 billion in healthcare spending;
  5. Montana – $3.9 billion in healthcare spending;
  6. Hawaii – $4 billion in healthcare spending;
  7. New Hampshire – $4.1 billion in healthcare spending;
  8. Delaware – $4.1 billion in healthcare spending;
  9. Nebraska – $4.3 billion in healthcare spending;
  10. Rhodes Island – $4.9 billion in healthcare spending.

Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Ten states with the most healthcare spending

  1. California – $174.1 billion in healthcare costs;
  2. New York – $131 billion in healthcare costs;
  3. Texas – $75.9 billion in healthcare costs;
  4. Pennsylvania – $58.3 billion in healthcare costs;
  5. Ohio – $45.3 billion in healthcare costs;
  6. Illinois – $43.9 billion in healthcare costs;
  7. Florida – $43.1 billion in healthcare costs;
  8. Michigan – $34.1 billion in healthcare costs;
  9. Massachusetts – $33.4 billion in healthcare costs;
  10. New Jersey – $29.5 billion in healthcare costs.

Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

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