Your Socially Distant Activities Guide to Christmas Parties This Year in 2020

Social interaction is very important in the workplace. However, our definition of what classifies as “the workplace” has changed in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It caused companies and governments to implement social distancing measures to minimise the spread of the disease. Although remote work gave employees the benefits of operational convenience, being humans, they soon began to feel isolated.

All businesses have their range of employees who possess unique traits. This diversity in a workplace serves as its backbone and forges the company culture. Cezanne HR provides a comprehensive guide for socially distant activities at your Christmas party that will cater to various organisational values, and the full range of activities can be seen here at

Should Socials Continue Amid a Pandemic?

Simply put, yes. Provided they can be conducted safely following the government laid-out guidelines. Parties at work are not only about having fun, but they also boost the morale of workers and create team-building experiences. Many colleague relationships have suffered as a result of remote work. 

Though employers could easily add what would have been spent on a Christmas party to the end of year bonus, would it be a great substitute for fun with colleagues? With the help of modern tools such as video calls, business owners and managers can set up fun activities during the festive period. We outline some ingenious suggestions for both in-person and virtual entertainment. 

Wine Tasting

Who wants to lose the opportunity to showcase themselves as a fancy food connoisseur. Let them revel in it through a wine tasting. Only some players will have the expertise to critique the character of great wine properly, but everyone can comment on if they liked the bottle of wine or not. A professional could be hired to dispense their knowledge during each round of tasting.

This activity can be virtual with each employee getting the same samples as others and discussing it on a video conferencing app. Or it can be held at the office, in a spacious area like the conference room where social distancing rules can be adhered to. To make it a fuller experience, cheese and crackers could be served.


Put a lockdown twist on dinners by having them virtually. A team member can decide upon a specific meal plan so that everyone could have the same dish. To make sure the meal tastes the same, employees could order in from the same restaurant to be delivered at a set time. Video software will enable discussion and bonding during the meal. 

This does not necessarily have to be virtual, as restaurants are opening up. If teams are made up of less than six people, having dinner in person is possible. All you need do is keep enough room between each other and ensure that those who are coming have taken safety precautions before and on their way to the meet. 

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a long time hit for work socials. They facilitate team playing and problem-solving to beat the clock and make it out. Though this might seem like an impossible activity given the current situation, Escape Room providers were one of the first to adapt to a virtual audience. A Google search will bring up several providers for you to choose from.

The awesome thing about this activity is that your location does not restrict you. All workers have to do is pick a time and date in advance, and then all players log in simultaneously. A host will walk you through rules and suggest hints if you get stuck during the gameplay. 

Pub Quiz

A favourite in most offices, pub quizzes are a classic Christmas social activity. You may stream the quiz from a popular local provider after checking their timing on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can create a quiz yourself. When organising, remember to add great prizes and treats for winners while losers can get booby prizes to add to the fun. 

Each round can have a different department or team in charge, so many people have a shot at being quizmaster. Rounds with questions related to Christmas, the business or colleagues are interesting. Though this may not have been the Christmas you foresaw at the start of the year, small efforts go a long way in establishing a semblance of normality.

Cooking Courses

Team dinners are a wonderful idea, but you can amp it up by making food yourselves. There is usually that person in the company that subsists solely on take outs and microwave meals—that person who will recoil at the idea of making something from scratch. Party planners can nip this unhealthy habit in the bud while engaging everyone in a cooking class online.

Of course, you would want to know everyone’s skill level first. No one should feel intimidated by the dish or bored at its simplicity. Share a list containing ingredients and preparation in advance. When it is time, you all can log in for a class with a chef. Not only is this fun, but it will also be a unique, learning experience for everyone.