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Your iPhone can now restore your Apple TV if the streaming box has problems


It’s rare that I ever encounter bugs or software issues with the Apple TV 4K that stop me in my tracks. But in the event that you do If you’re having trouble, restoring your Apple streaming box has always been a pain. With the older Apple TV HD, you need to connect it to a Mac via the rear USB port. But this isn’t even an option for the 4K model, leaving customers with no choice but to contact Apple for service. That hassle is finally changing with the release of iOS 17 and tvOS 17, which can now use your iPhone to restore an Apple TV and reset its software.

As Noted by MacRumorsApple has described this new troubleshooting step in a supporting document. “If your Apple TV HD or later running tvOS 17 or later is having issues, you may see an image of an iPhone next to an Apple TV appear on your TV screen,” the page reads.

After you unlock your phone and hold it close to the Apple TV device, you will see a message appear on the screen. Follow the steps and the confirmation message “Apple TV is recovering” will appear shortly after. Once you do this, you can continue using your iPhone normally while the set-top box reboots.

tvOS 17 is one of the biggest updates to Apple’s streaming box in quite some time. Among other features, brings FaceTime to your TV screen, includes a redesigned Control Center, a new “enhanced dialogue” mode, and the handy ability to locate a misplaced Siri remote with your iPhone. Both tvOS 17 and iOS 17 are now available.

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