Young mother of three seriously injured after stopping to help in fatal Glastonbury car crash


Tragedy as young mother of three is seriously injured after stopping to call 000 at the scene of a horror crash that killed a man

  • Rachel Fleming, 28, stopped to assist in fatal car accident in Glastonbury, QLD
  • Two vehicles collided on the night of June 3rd, with one driver dying on the spot dying
  • While helping a 54-year-old man, the couple was hit by a fourth vehicle
  • She was taken to hospital in critical condition and needs facial surgery
  • A GoFundMe page has been launched to help the Imbil teacher and her family

A young mother of three has been seriously injured after stopping to call Triple 0 at the scene of a fatal accident.

Rachel Fleming, 28, from Lagoon Pocket, stopped to assist victims of a horrific head-on collision between two cars in Glastonbury, in the Gympie region of Queensland, on the evening of June 3.

The Good Samaritan, who arrived first, jumped from her vehicle to help the 54-year-old male driver of a four-wheel drive.

The driver of the ute, a 51-year-old Widgee man, had already died at the scene.

Hanna Logan, Mrs. Fleming’s best friend, said the mother left her two children, ages 11 and two, in her car when she went to check on the driver, who was standing in front of his car.

Mother-of-three Rachel Fleming, 28, (pictured) was hit by a car while stopping to assist in a fatal accident near Gympie earlier this month

While she was using his phone to call emergency services, another vehicle on the road hit the pair, seriously injuring them.

“When she called 000, the oncoming car collided with both of them, knocking her unconscious,” Ms. Logan told the police. courier post.

“She doesn’t remember anything from the moment she was hit until she was woken up 20 minutes later.”

Both Mrs. Fleming, an Imbil teacher, and the 54-year-old man were rushed to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

She has since been fired but will undergo facial reconstruction in Brisbane on Monday.

Friend Talia Eaton has a GoFundMe page to support Fleming’s family, who have more than $6900 in 24 hours.

Ms Eaton said the accident had left the family of five in financial difficulties.

A ute collided with an approaching four-wheel drive (pictured), killing a 51-year-old man

A ute collided with an approaching four-wheel drive (pictured), killing a 51-year-old man

“Our beautiful Rachel, a mother of three and devoted wife, was only inches from death after being hit by a car traveling at 90 km/h when she selflessly stopped to help a car accident.” said Mrs Eaton.

“While this one needs time to heal, the memories of that night will stay with her forever.

“Rach never asks for anything. She is the kindest, most selfless human being who stopped to do the right thing when the unimaginable happened.

“A little bit goes a long way, so please, if you can spare anything at all, it will help keep a beloved and deserving family afloat while they take the time to recover.”

The driver of the car that hit the two was transported to Gympie Hospital as a precaution.

The police investigation into the accident continues.

Anyone with dashcam footage of the incident is asked to contact police.

Friend Talia Eaton has set up a fundraiser to help the family (pictured) who are now experiencing 'financial difficulties' after the accident

Friend Talia Eaton has set up a fundraiser to help the family (pictured) who are now experiencing ‘financial difficulties’ after the accident