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»You only see them once!« This action RPG generates new open worlds every time you start the game – WhatsNew2Day


The world of Hyper Light Breaker is constantly changing: as soon as you die, an algorithm generates a new open world.

The million-seller and Hyper Light Drifter is to have a successor in 2023. And it has it all: This time, Hyper Light Breaker not only relies on 3D graphics, but also on an extremely ambitious open world concept. in one Steam blog post the developers at Heart Machine now explained in more detail what the whole thing should look like.

Open world times infinity

Hyper Light Breaker relies on a procedurally generated game world, that is the open world looks different every time the hero dies. Environments, opponents, loot and other elements are reshuffled each time by a random generator.

And as a roguelike game, death is definitely intended in Hyper Light Breaker: the protagonist regularly blesses the time in the fight against monsters that are too powerful and then starts all over again, but takes some improvements and abilities with them into the next life (and in this case also the next open world).

Hyper Light Breaker gives a million-seller a makeover

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Hyper Light Breaker gives a million-seller a makeover

The developers explain that they originally planned a linear progression of levels, but the idea was scrapped in favor of the ever-changing open world. Therefore, Hyper Light Breaker also differs significantly from other roguelikes:

We put all our big levels together into one big map and created an open world with it. The different climate zones now merge seamlessly.

New questions for the players

Hoverboard, glider and wallrunning are available to quickly get from A to B in this mega open world. The concept aims to challenge players and stimulate new ways of thinking about an open world:

How intensively do I explore such an open world? How much time do I invest if I could die at any time? What’s new, exciting, different this time?

As it is in Hyper Light Breaker virtually endless variants and configurations this open world will be, on the one hand players should always be able to experience something completely new and on the other hand never be able to fully explore everything, according to the idea of ​​the makers.

However, a few things remain and should provide a sense of progress. »As you travel, help the settlement grow. Your achievements will spawn dazzling new characters and permanent upgrades to expand the population,” says the official description.

By the way, for even more variety an optional co-op mode ensure that you don’t have to explore the endless open worlds alone. Hyper Light Breaker will be released as an Early Access game in 2023 and should be finalized next year.

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