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You don’t need to have played the previous Alone in the Dark parts to understand the new one


It was the publisher’s advertisement THQ Nordic About the return of the unique horror series with its classic character, Alone in the Dark, by returning to the roots of the series and reimagining it again through the studio Pieces Interactive.

Recently, the developer of the game Alone in the Dark revealed the date of its final release, which will be on the date of October 25 of this year, where we recently watched a lengthy review of the game that showed us the gameplay closely, and also released the demo version of the game that gives us a look at the beginnings of the story. The game is in the past, but do we have to play the bots for the sake of this one?

Before answering this question, we mention that this game is actually a remake of the original classic version that was released in 1992, and fortunately, players do not need to know the events of the original version or even the version that was released in 2008 in order to understand or enjoy it fully, which was confirmed by the deputy producer Andreas Schmieder, Who said in his last interview that the re-imagining would include some “hints and signals” only, and he continued speaking on his website. MP1st:

While we play a lot with items and characters from the 1992 game, and our story begins just like the original, we actually have a unique story that takes the original idea to all new places.

If you remember the original story, you’ll find plenty of clues and references, as well as some surprises; While new players will be able to enjoy the story without any prior knowledge.

Alone in the Dark took five years to develop, with Mikael Hedberg who worked on Amnesia and SOMA directing, while the game and monster designs were written by Guy Davis. While it will be released on October 25 this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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