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You can try out the 90-minute Dead Space Remake on Steam right now


Dead Space Remake is available with a 20% discount on Steam right now, but what’s even more interesting is the ability to try the game completely free for just 90 minutes.

Steam usually offers a 2 hour window to refund the game if someone doesn’t like it, and with this experience you can explore as much as you can within the time limit without having to worry about getting your money back, but currently there is a different offer that allows you to Try Dead Space Remake for an hour and a half Without the need to buy it in the first place, with confirmation that the offer will end on May 29.

The Dead Space remake introduces a New Game Plus option after completing the game’s events for the first time, which sees minor changes such as text logs that you won’t find on the first try, which apparently included a hint of an intention to work on a Dead Space 2 remake, as expected from the beginning.

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