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You can now type ‘how to vote’ into Google for instant voting instructions by state

Election day in the US – November 3 – is almost here. Now if you type “how to vote” or “how to register to vote” in Google search box, it will automatically detect what state you live in and give you voting dates, ways to register to vote online, and more.

If you go to the Google search engine or Chrome web browser to search for specific voice information, you will now get some very specific results:

Google Search provides detailed answers to questions you may have about registering or voting in your country.

If you are looking for “how to vote, ”The first thing that appears on the web page – at least below all ads – is no longer the top search result for that phrase. Instead, you’ll see specific information about how to vote in your country, including ID requirements, the deadline to vote, and key differences between postal or in-person voting. If you are looking for “how to register to voteInstead, Google provides step-by-step instructions on how to register for personal voting, how to sign up for a ballot by mail, and check the status of your voter registration.

Aside from the ads, the first organic to appear is detailed information on how to vote in your country.

Google works with several independent third-party data partners, including Democracy Works, to pull official data directly from state and county election administrators. Google’s search engine also provides relevant links to your state government’s website if you need additional information.