You can now quickly switch between Gmail accounts on Android with a swipe

There is now an easier way to switch between Gmail accounts on Android that have long existed in iOS. Android police reports that from version 2019.08.18 of the app you can swipe up or down on your profile photo at the top right of the interface to switch between accounts. You can also tap your profile photo to choose from a full list of your accounts, just like before.


If this sounds familiar, it is because Google has steadily added the feature to its line-up of Android apps, including, such as Android police notes, Cards, To driveand Contacts. However, it is a much more useful inclusion in the Gmail app because so many people open both their personal and business emails on one phone and have to switch quickly between their two inboxes.

Frustratingly, this very handy quick-change feature is available on iOS since at least March, and we're not sure what it took Google so long to add it to its own operating system. Android users have been given access to the Gmail swipe actions for at least a year before they appeared on iOS.

According to Gmail, the new option for changing profiles is now available to users in the Play Store Android police. If it still needs to appear before you, the site also has a link to the APK of the app that you can now download.