You can now get a Touch ID equipped Magic Keyboard without buying an entire iMac

It’s been a few months, but Apple is now selling the new Touch ID-equipped version of its Magic Keyboard for anyone to buy, starting at $149 for the standard version and $179 for a full model with a numpad. as noted by MacRumors.

The Touch ID keyboard was introduced alongside the M1 iMac earlier this year, but at the time the only way to get one was to buy a new computer. Now, though, anyone can buy one of the new keyboards, albeit with one major caveat: the standalone models are only available in Apple’s usual white/aluminium color scheme, rather than the more colorful models that come with the brightly colored iMacs. .

And for those who must matching their accessories, Apple also sells the updated Magic Trackpad for $129, with the more rounded corners that better match the similar curved keyboard corners.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t use the standalone version to switch to a more standardized cable: both the keyboards and trackpad still use Lightning ports for charging and have a woven Lightning to USB-C cable.

As with the Magic Keyboard model that came with the M1 iMac, the standalone Touch ID keyboards still allow you to use the biometric sensor only with an M1 Mac – a list of Apple’s recent MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac models.

That makes the newly available standalone keyboard particularly useful for owners of the M1 Mac Mini, as it’s the only M1-based computer that doesn’t include any form of Touch ID biometric security out of the box.