You can now buy NFTs on eBay and ‘blockchain-driven collectibles’ are coming soon


eBay is now allows NFTs to be sold on its platform, making the digital collectibles available in addition to physical ones. Whether you’re looking for a physical Dogecoin replica or a digital representation of Elon Musk holding Doge, eBay is now apparently the place to get both.

Right now, eBay wants to ensure that NFTs are listed by trusted sellers, and only in certain categories, such as trading cards, music, entertainment, and arts. However, the company says it hopes to expand its policies and tools in the future to allow for more categories after it gathers feedback from the community with the current crop of NFTs.

The first result when searching for “NFT” on eBay, to nobody’s surprise.

The blog post also mentions future updates to enable “blockchain-driven collectibles,” although it does not elaborate on what that means outside of NFTs.

CEO of eBay said earlier this month that the company would be open to accepting cryptocurrencies in the future, but at this point in time, the NFTs sold on the platform appear to be using the standard payment system associated with a credit card or PayPal account.