xCloud and Xbox Remote Play are officially available on Windows

Microsoft has announced that the xCloud service, officially known as Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox Remote Play are now available to anyone with the Xbox app on Windows 10 (or 11). These features on PC rolled out to Xbox Insiders as beta last month and have been available on phones for a while now, but the fact that they’re officially available on PC is also nice to see. It gives you another option for how you want to play, whether the game is running on your personal console or on Microsoft’s servers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, which seems like a natural fit for PCs that don’t have the power to run the games themselves, has been available on Windows via web browsers for a few months now, but it’s a nice step forward that the service is now in a native app. , rather than being limited to a web browser on PC. Using it still requires a Bluetooth or USB controller and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It’s also worth noting that while Xbox Cloud Gaming’s availability on Windows is no longer an Insider exclusive, Microsoft still labels the service itself a beta, so your mileage may vary.

Remote Play is also a nice addition, allowing you to stream games from an Xbox Series S or X, or Xbox One, to your Windows machine. Microsoft says the feature is available on your home network or remotely over the Internet, though you’ll likely get better performance running the game locally on the same network. Microsoft has also added some features to Remote Play: the company says you can now stream games in 1080p 60fps, and play “selected” games from the original Xbox and 360. We have Microsoft to provide a list of supported games and will update if we hear anything.