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Xbox Showcase event: date, live broadcast links, and most important expectations.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Tonight, our date will be with a new version of the Xbox Showcase event, during which Microsoft is preparing to showcase what it has in store for the various Xbox platforms and services.

The event will be transmitted through the various Xbox channels, in addition to the partner channels, for free, while you can enter the atmosphere of the event directly through the live broadcast window above.

Xbox Showcase event launch dates

The live broadcast will start at exactly 10:00 8:00 pm Mecca time, at 7:00 GMT tonight, June 11, 2023.

The event will be divided into two parts, the first will be a review of the most important titles and new announcements, whether from first or third party studios. The second will be entirely and mainly devoted to reviewing the Starfield game within the Starfield Direct section.

The Xbox Showcase event will be two hours long, which means you have to free up your time from 8 to 10 pm this Sunday. Of course, this time includes the Starfield game review segment.

The most important expectations

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal any timetable for the titles that will be present during the event, as it left the door open to speculation and expectations. Especially since Xbox Studios owns many titles that have been under development for several years.

We have Hellbalde 2, which has been appearing at various Xbox events for several years, while the game has not yet received a release date. Therefore, we expect that there will be a presence for the game tonight within the event, and we may get a launch date as well.

The Fable game, which was revealed several years ago, then entered the darkness of development, while Microsoft did not share any details about it. Perhaps Microsoft will put an end to rumors that the game will die tonight by showing it with a gameplay review.

Also, the Avowed game, which Phil Spencer recently said he had a look at, is a promising title according to his statements, so will we see a new review of it tonight?

We also do not forget the new Forza Motorsport game, which we expect to get an impressive review, as usual, tonight, and confirmation of the release date.

Also, the Xbox Showcase event will not be devoid of third-party surprises that Microsoft will rely on, especially since there are not many first-party titles that will be released during the remainder of this year.

Microsoft said earlier that it will review titles without being bound by the time period for release, which we used to be within the next 12 months. This means that we may take a look at titles that will be released within two years or even more.

It was also confirmed that most of the reviews, if not all of them, will contain a review of either the game engine or the direct play system. This means that we will see the quality of the games as they will be when they are released.

In any case, and as always, we will be with you in our full coverage of the most important announcements and reviews that will be revealed at the event. We will follow it up with a full summary of all announcements and offers during the hours following the end of the event.

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