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Xbox Series S Preorders: Everything We Know About Price, Specs, and Buying the Cheap Xbox

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series S are on the way, and it’s now only a matter of hours before the cheap Xbox hits the shelves for the first wave of early buyers. That means it’s time to get ready for the big day, and with Xbox Series X pre-orders getting significantly more expensive, there will be some competition. The specs and price of the Xbox Series S were announced earlier this month, and Microsoft seems to have struck the delicate balance between the two of offering a cheap new Xbox if you don’t care about having a disc drive.

Xbox Series S, previously called Project Lockhart, costs $ 299.99 / £ 249.99 / AU $ 499. It’s the cheaper, digital-only alternative to the Xbox Series X. Yes, Microsoft isn’t releasing one, but two next-gen consoles this year. It’s worth noting, however, that certain features, such as 4K gameplay, aren’t available on cheaper Xbox Series S pre-orders, as that lower price tag gives way to less powerful specs in the budget model.