Xbox One testers can now stream any game to an Android phone

Microsoft gives Xbox One testers access to the company's latest Console Streaming feature. It is a new feature that allows you to play your own Xbox One games from your personal console on a mobile device. While Microsoft is also testing its Project xCloud example for streaming games, Console Streaming uses your own Xbox One to stream a game to a mobile device instead of using a cloud-based Xbox instance.


Project xCloud is also currently limited to just four games during the first preview period, while this Console Streaming feature supports all existing Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that you have installed on your personal console.

"If you are an Xbox Insider in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings in the US and UK, you can now try an example of Xbox Console Streaming," Jonathan Hildebrandt explains, an Xbox program manager. "You can play your own and installed Xbox One games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, remotely on an Android phone or tablet from your home console."

Like xCloud, this new Console Streaming feature is limited to Android and uses the same app to access your home console via the Internet instead of a cloud-based Xbox. Microsoft has not yet mentioned any plans to bring this or Project xCloud to iOS devices.

Requirements for this position include:

  • An open or moderate NAT type
  • Upload bandwidth of at least 4.75 Mbps (preferably 9 Mbps)
  • Network latency of 125 ms or less required (60 ms or less preferred)
  • The Xbox One console must be turned on directly in the power options

"This preview is an important step in our journey to deliver game streaming to Xbox players around the world," notes Hildebrandt. "We will work closely with you and the Insider community to collect feedback that will shape and define future iterations of Xbox Console Streaming."