Xbox Live is disabled, making some apps and games offline

The Xbox Live service from Microsoft is experiencing problems today, preventing a large number of users from signing in to Xbox consoles. The problems seem to have started around 3 p.m. today and many Xbox users report that they cannot log in to Xbox One consoles and have access to some apps and games.


For apps such as Spotify, Plex or Amazon Video, you must be signed in to an Xbox One console, and The edge was unable to access these apps during this Xbox Live outage. Netflix continues to work, but games are fun Fortnite and Destination 2 does not work correctly without being logged in to Xbox Live.

"We've seen reports that users are having trouble logging in," says the Xbox support team from Microsoft on Twitter. “We now have teams working on it! We will update you as soon as possible with additional details. "

This is the second time that Xbox Live has encountered major problems this year. In January, the Xbox Live service was not available for a few hours, which caused black screens for many. We have contacted Microsoft for more information about this latest Xbox Live outage and we will update you accordingly.

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