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Xbox Elite 2 white controller leaked in unboxing video

Microsoft appears to be working on a new white version of the Xbox Elite 2 controller. Video of the unannounced Xbox Elite 2 controller has surfaced on YouTube, featuring a white faceplate and black grips. The video comes months after a white Xbox Elite 2 controller was reportedly made spotted at a store in the US earlier this year.

The short unboxing video, uploaded to a YouTube account called Nicholas Lugo, features someone claiming that the unannounced white Xbox Elite 2 controller was obtained in the US. Twitter users spotted this video recently after it was posted three weeks ago. It’s not clear if the controller was sold in a US store, or if Microsoft still plans to announce a white version of its Xbox Elite 2 controller.

Microsoft announced a new white version of its original Xbox Elite controller nearly four years ago, following leaked images of a second-generation Elite controller. Microsoft will be attending Gamescom later this month, the same event the company chose to announce its white Xbox Elite controller in 2018.

While the Xbox Elite controllers were popular and well received, both models had issues. Microsoft was forced to extend the warranty on its Xbox Elite 2 controller in 2020 after complaints about hardware problems. The extension extended the typical 90-day warranty period to one year from date of purchase.

Microsoft has a history of Xbox controller leaks ahead of official announcements. A white Xbox Series X controller appeared online before Microsoft even acknowledged it would ship a white version of the controller. The packaging for this controller then leaked a month later, confirming the Xbox Series S console before Microsoft officially announced it.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller also leaked a few days before it was officially announced online. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on this white Xbox Elite 2 controller leak and will update you accordingly.

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