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X users claim Elon Musk has created ‘burner account’ Adrian Dittmann to shower himself with praise

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Elon Musk and his security team leave Tesla's local office in Washington on January 27, 2023.

Elon Musk is using a ‘throwaway account’ on X to shower himself with praise, according to a strange new conspiracy circulating on internet forums.

Social media users have claimed that Musk is using a ‘imaginary fan‘ under the name ‘Adrian Dittmann’ to respond to his own posts on his platform after the blue-tagged verified account was seen appearing with repeated notes of admiration.

Pekka Kallioniemi, creator of The Soup Central, a channel that aims to provide “deep insights into disinformation, bad actors, and information operations,” shared a thread viewed 5.1 million times on the ‘wild theory’ this week.

He noted that “it wouldn’t be the first time Elon has used alternative accounts to interact on X” after users tracked down an “Elon Test” account in which the Tesla founder posed as his two-year-old son and criticized Your ex. partner Grimes.

And this month, an criticizing Musk.

But Dittmann asked Musk for “five minutes” to “clarify the alternate account situation,” and the two spoke Monday night about the claims. The conversation directly addressed the voice similarities, but also led to new accusations that Musk had used an AI impersonator to put the rumors to rest.

Dittmann did Headlines Last year, when Musk directly acknowledged the similarity in their voices after the former appeared on Alex Jones’ controversial InfoWars podcast, the billionaire tech entrepreneur commented: “at some point there will be like 100 AI clones of me that sound exactly the same.” . ‘

Elon Musk and his security team leave Tesla’s local office in Washington on January 27, 2023.

The pair appeared on Spaces to directly address claims that Adrian was an alt account for Musk.

The pair appeared on Spaces to directly address claims that Adrian was an alt account for Musk.

Talking late in X Spaces On Monday, the pair directly addressed claims that Musk was impersonating Dittmann.

Musk says: ‘Does Alex Jones think it’s me?’

Dittmann begins to explain the conspiracy before Musk interrupts him with a laugh.

Musk continues: ‘There are eight billion people on Earth. Chances are there is someone who looks like me somewhere. And you are that person.’

“Honestly, I don’t think you’re not me,” he jokes.

“People think I’m legitimately their clone,” Dittmann responds. —Like one of your experiments with Neuralink. Can you clarify that I am not one of your Neuralink experiments? Or maybe I am and I just don’t realize it?’

Musk suggests, ‘Well, the thing is, you even ask questions the same way I would ask questions!’

Dittmann says he discovered Musk watching SpaceX videos in 2016, before his partner pointed out the similarities in how they sound.

‘Something is not quite right in this world. Probably as an error in the simulation,” Dittmann continues.

But he has continued to downplay the furore around the comparisons since then as “the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Musk asks what Dittmann is like when a third voice chimes in: “I’ve seen Adrian: he could be your twin!”

Dittmann then praises Musk for his work on X, saying he uses Spaces “practically eight hours a day, three times a week” before chatting about Musk’s family.

The call was prompted by online rumors, prompting Dittmann to write on Sunday: “You know you’ve made it when there are conspiracy theories about you on the Internet.”

Older posts show user interest in the platform, writing on February 9: “The shows and content coming to X will blow your mind.”

He has also shown support for Musk’s rebranding of the site, writing earlier this month: “I honestly enjoy the less sophisticated approach of calling posts what they are instead of tweets.”

In January, Dittmann wrote: “It took Boston Dynamics 30 years to achieve what Tesla achieved in one.”

Of greatest interest to speculators are posts that outwardly praise the direction of X. On February 3, Dittmann wrote: “Everything is possible in the Everything X app.”

He previously wrote: “X will become the gold standard for social media platforms of the future.”

The pair engaged in a friendly exchange today on one of Musk’s brand’s meme posts after a user presented Musk and Dittmann are one and the same.

“We should dress up in Spider-Man suits and go on stage together,” Musk joked.

“You will get the iron spider suit,” Dittmann replied.

Musk’s fan page ELON ALERTS shared today that “Elon Musk is now following Adrian Dittmann.”

Adrian Dittmann: A story that avidly follows the work of Musk, now accused of being an AI clone...

Adrian Dittmann: A story that avidly follows the work of Musk, now accused of being an AI clone…

Still, in recent days users have latched onto the idea that Musk is impersonating Adrian to support his posts.

One user wrote, without providing evidence: ‘Adrian Dittman [sic] is an Elon Musk Burner account that proves not only that he had the mental age of a friendless twelve-year-old, but reminds us that he tried to BUY THEM (X), and when that made people hate him more, he used AI. make a version of yourself that loves you.’

Another wrote: “I don’t want to spoil anything but “Adrian Dittman [sic] “, who insists that he is not Elon Musk, returns to InfoWars, and Alex adamantly insists that he is Musk. People even point out that they have talked to each other in a Twitter space, and Alex says that it is Musk talking to an AI of the same.

A third suggested: “Adrian Dittman is the real Elon Musk, an AI Musk or a combination of both.” [sic]. The structure of the responses is not the way Musk would express them: the sentences are formulated the way an AI would formulate them, and the way the speech is delivered is that of a recording.

The theory even earned its own place in Know your memeThe popular collection of fashionable Internet phenomena.

DailyMail.com was unable to contact X for comment.

DailyMail.com has approached Mr Dittmann for comment.

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