Wyoming college wrestlers left with horrific 'blood-soaked' injuries after mauling by a grizzly bear

Two college wrestlers hunting with their teammates in Wyoming were attacked and injured in a ‘sudden, surprise’ attack by a grizzly bear over the weekend.

Both men were transported to local hospitals, one by helicopter, after the encounter Saturday afternoon, which left them “soaked in blood,” the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said in a written statement.

“Based on initial information, this appears to be a sudden, surprise encounter with a grizzly bear,” the department said.

Kendell Cummings of Evanston and Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah, were hunting and enjoying the outdoors with teammates August Harrison and Orrin Jackson in the Shoshone National Forest, south of Cody, when the bear pounced on them.

Kendall Cummings, right, jumped on a grizzly bear in an attempt to pull it off his friend, Brady Lowry

Kendall Cummings was left with a blood-soaked wound. He received 60 staples to his head and plastic surgery to correct major facial lacerations. He had large lacerations on his left arm and leg, which the doctors had to sew together with stitches on his right hand and right leg

The couple had just seen droppings from what they thought was a bear when the attack took place.

“Before you could even think or blink, there’s a bear running out of the trees right in front of me,” Lowry told Fox News. ‘It hit me pretty good.’

Lowry ended up with a broken arm, which had to be repaired with six screws and bolts. The bear also bit him on his right thigh. He curled into a ball during the attack.

Cummings then yelled. The bear charged at him and immediately knocked him to the ground.

Cummings even grabbed the bear by its ear before he too was chased by the grizzly and injured before he could pull out his bear spray.

“I grabbed and jerked him hard,” he explained.

“I could hear when his teeth would hit my skull, I could feel him bite into my bones and they would kind of crunch,” he shared Cowboy State Daily.

Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah, is seen sitting in his hospital bed in Montana with his father, Dallas Lowry

Two members of the Northwest College Wrestling Team, Kendell Cummings, left, and Brady Lowry, were mauled by a grizzly bear while hiking the South Fork in Wyoming

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“I yelled to Lowry to make sure he was okay, and I think the bear heard me,” Cummings said. ‘It kind of circled around and got me again.’

When the bear stopped attacking, Cummings lay still to avoid attracting further attention.

Lowry managed to call 911 and called teammates Harrison and Jackson for help.

“He was just soaked with blood coming down the hill everywhere,” Harrison said. “Me and Jackson took turns carrying him down to the bottom where the field was.”

The pair were both taken to the hospital with Cummings airlifted while an ambulance took Lowry to a trauma center in Billings, Montana.

Both will recover but won’t break anything anytime soon.

Lowry says Cummings saved his life.

“I can’t even express how grateful I am to him,” Lowry said. ‘I don’t know what to repay him, I don’t. I owe him everything.

Brady Lowry and his friend were out hiking hunting for antlers, as they had done many times before

Kendell Cummings, pictured here, is an experienced hiker and hunter when a bear attack caught them by surprise

‘There are really serious holes and wounds. He took a lot of staples to his head and also (there’s) some cosmetic surgery to his cheek, wrestling coach Jim Zeigler said. “None of them are going to break for a while.”

Cummings received 60 staples to his head and plastic surgery to correct major facial lacerations. He had large lacerations on his left arm and leg, which the doctors had to sew together with stitches on his right hand and right leg.

Lowry suffered a broken arm and wounds to his back, shoulders, right leg and thigh.

‘To [Harrison and Jackson], there is a lot of emotional trauma. I don’t think we can even begin to describe what was going on there with them going out and rescuing a child, bringing him out and carrying him out,” Zeigler added of the rescued couple.

Landowners and hunters in the region have reported a recent increase in bear activity at low elevations, prompting wildlife officials to warn visitors to exercise caution.

“In the vicinity of where the attack occurred, reports from landowners and hunters indicate there may be six to 10 different bears moving between agricultural fields and low-elevation slopes,” said Dan Smith, regional supervisor for Wyoming Fish and Game Department.

‘This is a sad and unfortunate situation, we wish both victims a full and speedy recovery.’


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