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WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss reveals skin cancer diagnosis

Alexa Bliss, a 31-year-old WWE wrestling star, has revealed that she has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

The 2016 Smackdown Women’s Champion took to Instagram on Wednesday to discuss how she received her diagnosis after having a blemish on the side of her face checked out that appeared to have “gone worse.”

Bliss shared a picture on her Instagram story with a bandage on the side of her face. People informed.

“Dear younger me, you should have stayed out of tanning beds,” she wrote, while also assuring followers that cancer is “okay now!”

Bliss further engaged with concerned fans On twitterencouraging them to check their skin, especially if they spend a lot of time in the sun or use tanning beds.

as said explained:: “There was a spot on my face… that had gotten worse. So I went to get a biopsy. It was basal cell carcinoma. During my procedure, the doctor also found other squamous cells. It was a quick and easy procedure. I’m glad they always check my skin.”

Basal cell carcinoma is thought to be caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight,” according to The Mayo Clinic. It is the most common and frequent form of skin cancer.

Bliss, who was unmasked on Wednesday night on “The Masked Singer,” thanked fans and the American Skin Institute for offering her “great care.”