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Writers Guild East Re-Elects Many Incumbent Leaders in Strike-Time Election

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The Writers Guild of America East has re-elected many incumbents and two new leaders in film, television and streaming in the last council elections.

After running unopposed, current VP of film/TV/streaming Lisa Takeuchi Cullen is ascending to the president’s chair. She will be joined by incumbent secretary-treasurer Christopher Kyle, who will retain the role, and Erica Saleh, a former council member who has been elected vp for film/TV/streaming; both ran unopposed.

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Of the twelve candidates running for council seats in the film/TV/streaming sector, six were were elected, including incumbents Josh Gondelman, Liz Hynes, Greg Iwinski and Sasha Stewart and new candidates Sofia Alvarez and Sarah Montana.

Turnout was 13.3 percent for the presidential and vice presidential elections and 19.9 percent for the film/TV/streaming elections. The count was supervised by Votenet Solutions.

More to come.

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