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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Worst hacks of 2023: Boyfriend put a toilet seat in the dishwasher to clean it


Most disgusting hack yet: Thousands are disgusted by a friend’s share of her partner’s ‘bad’ toilet seat cleaning method

  • Unusual toilet seat penetration described as ‘disgusting’
  • Alison Coroli shared the tip that involves putting a toilet seat in the dishwasher

A friend showed her boyfriend the strange toilet seat ‘cleaning method’ that’s keeping thousands from eating in other homes again.

Allison Coroli shared a video showing the toilet seat being removed and set aside in the bottom of the dishwasher – along with dirty plates and cups.

“I never knew people did this,” text read across the video, along with the caption: “He lives in the year 3000.”

The shocking clip has surpassed over 5.3 million views and comments, many of which were claiming how “nasty” and “terrifying” it was.

Someone wrote that “the heat kills the bacteria but the emotional damage lasts forever.”

A transcript was read over the video, along with the comment:

A friend of her boyfriend showed off the bizarre toilet seat ‘cleaning method’ that keeps thousands from eating in other homes again

Another said: “Technology obviously brings laziness,” and a third added: “I did what I did!!!!”

on this earth? said another.

Many also vowed never to eat at other people’s homes again.

That’s a strong number. “I’m going to cancel all my dinner plans outside my house for the rest of the time,” said one.

Another added, “Don’t trust people.”

Others pointed out that the so-called “hack” was most likely a joke – or at least most hoped it was.

Many also honed in sarcastic comments, with one writing, “Don’t forget to put your toilet brush in the dishwasher too!”

Another joked, “That’s a great idea, I suggest we all start doing it.”

A third said: “Everyone is creative.”

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