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World News: The King has enough challenges without having to wrestle with his past – WhatsNew2Day

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London: Just as King Carlos III tries to look towards his coronation next May, it is The crown that has dragged him to the past.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you know that the latest series of the hit Netflix drama is back, just a few months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. And it has created even more controversy than usual.

King Charles III speaks to guests during a reception at Buckingham Palace this week.

Credit:access point

When Charles turned 74 on Monday, he was busy dealing with some pressing business for “The Firm.” He formally asked Parliament to create two additional state councilors for his sister Anne, the Princess Royal, and his younger brother Edward, the Duke of Wessex. The move ensures that neither his brother Andrew, the Duke of York, nor his son Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will be called upon to fill in for him when he is abroad or ill.

Buckingham Palace had been willing to change the system because the law limits state councilors to Queen Consort Camilla and the four senior citizens in the line of succession. His decision to create additional councilors, rather than relieve Harry and Andrew of their controversy-plagued duties, would help keep the family peace.

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But as the King tries to clean up after his kin, his own past has been exposed to a new generation of subjects.

It’s been 25 years since Diana’s death and a whole new generation (who might have missed out on the role of Helen Mirren The Queen

) is learning about this period for the first time.

The Crown has introduced a new generation to the drama of Carlos and Diana’s marriage.Credit:access point

The timing of the new season is fortuitous for Netflix. Interest in royalty has probably never been higher because of the Queen, the only monarch most living Britons ever knew. But it’s uncomfortable for Charles, as he revisits some of the most painful chapters of his life.

For the majority of the audience, particularly in the United States, The crown it’s just entertainment. Netflix has even added a “dummy dramatization” tag. However, when many of the characters are still alive and hoping to keep the union and Commonwealth together, the stakes are a bit higher.


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