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World Health Organization: A national strategy to address mental illness in Yemen


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The World Health Organization said on Sunday, November 13, 2022, that it had launched the national strategy for mental health in Yemen, in a move aimed at reducing the exacerbation of mental disorders due to the continuation of the war in the impoverished country for eight years.

The organization added in a statement that the launch of the strategy, in cooperation with the World Bank and the health authorities of the internationally recognized Yemeni government, aims to reduce the growing burden of mental health disorders in Yemen.

The World Health Organization said in a report in August that more than eight million Yemenis, or one in four people, suffer from mental, psychological and social problems due to armed conflict, forced displacement, unemployment, food shortages and other harsh conditions.

The organization stated that the war that has been going on in Yemen for eight years and the collapsing economy has paralyzed health facilities and exacerbated mental illnesses that affect all groups of society. The conflict in Yemen has caused most of the state’s psychiatric hospitals to close or stop working.

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