World Cup state-of-play in all eight groups: Tables, fixtures, results, permutations

The final round in the World The Cup Group Stage begins Tuesday with 16 matches remaining before the knockouts begin on December 3. 

After falling to Senegal and Ecuador in the Group A, Qatar was the first nation to be eliminated from the tournament. 

Canada joined Qatar on Sunday. Their 4-1 loss to Croatia ensured an early exit. This is Canada’s first participation in a prestigious tournament. World Cup since 1986 

Only 16 World Cup group matches will continue, with the final round beginning on Tuesday 

In the meantime, only three nations have made it to the last-16, which are France, Brazil, Portugal and Portugal. Gareth Southgate’s England is confident that they will experiment with Wales in their final Group A clash. 

Germany, Argentina, or Belgium, which were all expected to be strong contenders in the tournament’s final round, now face a real risk of losing in the group stages. 

Below, Sportsmail shows you the current state of play in each of these eight groups. 

Group A: Holland, Ecuador, Senegal, Qatar

It was a three-way shootout in Group A. Qatar, the host nation, was already eliminated. Ecuador joined them in exiting the tournament at the first stage. 

Senegal won a tight 2-1 win against South Americans. The win was sealed by Chelsea’s Kalidou Kulibaly just 20 minutes later. Senegal landed second place.

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Holland goes into the final Group A clash with the knowledge that a point will guarantee them a place in the knockouts

Senegal Have Reached The Last-16 In Qatar After Their 2-1 Victory Over Ecuador On Tuesday

After their Tuesday victory over Ecuador 2-1, Senegal has reached the last 16 in Qatar 

Holland was crowned the champions with a win that beat the hosts. Cody Gakpo got his third goal and Frenkie da Jong scored.  

Louis van Gaal’s men are now facing the runners up in Group A, while Senegal will be facing the group winners. 

Results and fixtures

  • Qatar 0-2 Ecuador, November 20
  • Senegal, 0-2 Holland. November 21
  • Qatar 1-3 Senegal, November 25
  • Holland 1-1 Ecuador, November 25
  • Ecuador 1-2 Senegal, November 29
  • Holland 2-0 Qatar November 29

Group B: England and Iran, USA, Wales

The final round of Group B will be decided by the draw. All four teams are still eligible to advance on the final day. England is currently in the lead, although they are not yet finished. 

The Three Lions must draw with Wales on Tuesday night in order to advance, while a win would ensure them the top spot. Southgate’s team would be able to progress even if Wales loses 3-0. However, a 4-0 loss to Wales would mean that they would lose, along with one from Iran and USA. 

England Are All-But-Through In Group B, Needing To Avoid A 4-0 Defeat To Wales To Progress

England is all but through in Group B. To progress, England must avoid a 4-0 defeat by Wales

Harry Kane Is Still Looking For His First Goal In Qatar With England Looking To Wrap Up Group B

Harry Kane still searching for his first goal in Qatar, with England hoping to complete Group B

Wales, England’s impending rival, is not so straightforward. Rob Page’s team must win to have any chance of qualifying, although it may still be difficult. If they beat England by four, they will qualify. But if they lose by less than four, it will require Iran vs USA for the game to be a draw. 

USA have to win. There’s no other alternative. Iran could still win, but only if Wales doesn’t beat England. They win, and they become group leaders if England doesn’t beat Wales. 

Results and fixtures

  • England 6-2 Iran (November 21).
  • USA 1-1 Wales, November 21
  • Wales 0-2 Iran, November 25
  • England 0-0 USA November 25
  • USA vs Iran: 7pm GMT, November 29
  • Wales vs England: 7pm GMT, November 29 

Group C: Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico 

Each team is eligible to qualify, it’s all up for grabs! Mexico will qualify if it beats Saudi Arabia by a significant margin of at least four goals. If they win (by any margin) or Poland wins, they’ll be qualified. If Lionel Messi’s team draws, a win of four goals or more could put them above Argentina. 

Poland is the group leader and would qualify if they draw. Even if Mexico and Saudi Arabia draw, they could qualify on goal differential with a narrow loss. If Saudi Arabia fails to win, they will be the top of the group. They can also win with a draw.

All Four Teams Are Still Able To Qualify In A Highly Entertaining Group C, With More Magic From Lionel Messi Potentially Required For Argentina

All four teams have the chance to qualify in Group C. Argentina could need more magic from Lionel Messi.

Psg'S Messi Proved To Be The Difference In Argentina'S Crucial Win Over Mexico On Saturday

PSG’s Messi made the difference in Argentina’s win over Mexico.

A win for Argentina will ensure qualification. Draw against Mexico will be sufficient. Mexico must win or draw with Saudi Arabia. To overtake Mexico, Saudi Arabia must win.

Herve Renard’s Saudi side can progress with a win. Three points would be enough to finish on top if Argentina or Poland draw. Saudi Arabia could draw: They would need either a win in Poland or a win in Argentina. 

Results and fixtures 

  • Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia, November 22
  • Mexico 0-0 Poland, November 22
  • Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia November 26
  • November 26, 2012: Argentina 2-0 Mexico
  • Poland vs Argentina, 7pm GMT Wednesday November 30 
  • Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: 7pm GMT, Wednesday November 30

Group D: France and Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Three teams are vying for qualification to the knockouts of Group D. France is already through, having defeated Australia and Denmark in their first two encounters. While they are not yet confirmed as group winners of the tournament, it is highly unlikely that Australia will overcome a six-goal swing. 

Australia will join France in 16th place if they beat Denmark Wednesday afternoon. Graham Arnold’s team could qualify for round two if they draw Denmark, but they will rely on France to win against Tunisia.

Australia, Denmark And Tunisia Are Still Battling For A Place In Group D With France Through

Australia, Denmark, Tunisia and Tunisia still fight for a place with France in Group D.

France Have Started Their Defence Of The World Cup With Two Wins From Two In Group D

France has begun to defend the World Cup with two wins in Group D

Australia and Denmark could draw. Tunisia would win. The second place decision will be determined first by goal differential, then goals scored, and finally the head-to–head record. Given that Tunisia has a higher goal difference than Australia currently, Tunisia would win. 

They can only move forward if they win. Even then, they’d have to hope Australia doesn’t beat Denmark. They would progress if they draw Australia and Denmark. But, if either Tunisia or Denmark wins, things could get complicated. 

The goal difference between the sides is equal. If one side wins, the other would be eliminated. However, if they win by a similar margin, the number goals scored will be considered. If they draw, their head-to-head record would be irrelevant. The disciplinary record could then be used as the final metric. 

Results and fixtures

  • Denmark 0-0 Tunisia, November 22
  • France 4-1 Australia November 22
  • Tunisia 0-1 Australia (November 26th, 2012)
  • France 2-1 Denmark November 26
  • France vs Tunisia: 3pm GMT, November 30,
  • Australia vs Denmark, 3pm GMT, November 30, 

Group E: Germany, Japan, Costa Rica and Spain

All four sides can qualify for Group E, just like Group C. Spain must avoid defeat against Japan. Even a loss to Germany will be sufficient. If they win, they will be the top of the group. If Costa Rica loses to Germany, they will finish first.

Japan will win and they will be the top group, unless Costa Rica overcomes a six-goal deficit, which is unlikely. If Germany and Costa Rica draw, it will suffice. Germany can win but cannot overcome a deficit of two goals.

Spain Are In Pole Position To Progress From Group E, While Germany Are At Risk Of Going Out

Spain is in pole position to move up from Group E while Germany are at high risk of being left.

Even Three Points For Germany Might Not Be Enough In Their Final Game Against Costa Rica

In their last game against Costa Rica, even three points might not be enough for Germany.

Costa Rica is a simple team. They need to win. Draw and they advance if Spain beats Japan. They will be the leaders of the group if Japan and Spain draw. 

Germany must win in order to move forward. Even three points might not be enough.  

Germany can win only if Spain wins against Japan, Spain loses to Spain and Die Mannschaft is able to overcome an eight-goal deficit (highly probable), Germany wins by two or more goals and Spain draws against Japan. Spain may also win against Japan if Japan scores less goals than Germany.

Results and fixtures

  • Germany 1-2 Japan November 23
  • Spain 7-0 Costa Rica, November 23
  • Japan 0-1 Costa Rica November 27
  • Spain 1-1 Germany November 27
  • Japan vs Spain: Friday, December 1, 2007, 7pm GMT
  • Costa Rica vs Germany: 7pm GMT, Thursday December 1

Group F: Croatia, Morocco, Belgium, Canada

Belgium could be eliminated in Group F. Croatia will qualify if they defeat Roberto Martinez’ men. Even a loss against Roberto Martinez’ would be enough to get them through.

They will win the group if they match Morocco’s result or their winning margin.

Belgium Are At Genuine Risk Of Elimination In Group F Having Won Only One From Two Games

Belgium faces a real danger of being eliminated from Group F, having won only one of the two games.

Tensions Between The Players Spilled Over Following Their Shock 2-0 Defeat To Morocco

After their shocking 2-0 loss to Morocco, tensions flared between the players

Morocco will also be able to progress against Canada if they win. If Croatia defeats Belgium or Croatia draws with Belgium and Morocco loses by less than two goals, a loss will suffice. They must beat Croatia’s result, or win margin, to be at the top of the group. 

Belgium is likely to need a win. Three points would see them qualify,  and top the group if Morocco do not win. Even though it seems unlikely, a draw would be sufficient if Morocco loses by at least three goals.

Results and fixtures

  • Morocco 0-0 Croatia, November 23
  • Belgium 1-0 Canada, November 23
  • Croatia 4-1 Canada, November 27
  • Belgium 0-2 Morocco, November 27
  • Croatia vs Belgium: 3pm GMT, Thursday December 1
  • Canada vs Morocco: 3pm GMT, Thursday December 1

Group G: Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon, Serbia

Brazil has safely reached the knockouts, as they bid to win a first World Cup triumph for twenty years. For their place in Group G, they need to beat Cameroon on Friday. But even a loss could be sufficient. 

Switzerland and Brazil are currently in pole position. If they win against Serbia on Friday, they will be in the last 16. If Cameroon doesn’t defeat Brazil by more than two goals, a draw could be sufficient. 

Brazil Are Through To The Knockouts But The Second Spot Is Still Up For Grabs In Group G

Brazil have reached the knockouts. However, the second spot in Group G is still up for grabs.

Neymar Hopes To Return For Brazil In The Round Of 16 After Suffering An Injury Against Serbia

After suffering an injury against Serbia, Neymar wants to make a comeback for Brazil in round 16.

Cameroon must beat Brazil in order to qualify. But even then, it’s not easy. Cameroon needs to draw with Serbia and Switzerland to qualify. If Brazil draws, Cameroon will need to defeat Brazil by two goals, or one, assuming that Switzerland doesn’t surpass their total goals. 

Cameroon must ensure that their goal difference, currently one more than Serbia’s, does not change if Serbia defeats Switzerland. Serbia will be victorious if both Serbia and Cameroon win, and they end up with the same goal difference. 

For Serbia to be considered, they must win against Switzerland. As mentioned above, they must also improve Cameroon’s performance against Brazil. 

Results and fixtures 

  • Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon, November 24
  • Brazil 2-0 Serbia, November 24
  • Cameroon 3-3 Serbia, November 28
  • Brazil 1-0 Switzerland, November 28 
  • Serbia vs Switzerland: 7pm GMT, December 2
  • Cameroon vs Brazil: 7pm GMT, December 2 

Group H: Portugal. Ghana. South Korea. Uruguay 

Group H is another group where all four teams have a chance to make it to the knockouts. However, we already know that Portugal has made it through after their victories over Uruguay and Ghana. 

Ghana is the only place that Cristiano Ronaldo’s side will be able to catch in the race for the top spot. Portugal would need to lose against South Korea. Ghana, however, will beat Uruguay and overcome a three goal deficit in terms of goal difference. 

Portugal Are Through, But Ghana, South Korea And Uruguay Are Still Battling For A Last-16 Spot

Portugal is out, but South Korea, Ghana and Uruguay are still fighting for the last-16 spot

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Lead His Side At The Knockouts In What Is Likely To Be His Final World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo will be leading his team at the knockouts, in what is likely his last. World Cup

To guarantee a place in the knockouts, Ghana needs to win. Although a draw might be sufficient, South Korea must beat Portugal by at least two goals. 

South Korea needs to win if they want to advance. To leapfrog Ghana to second place, they must win by at least two goals if Ghana and Uruguay draw. They will also need to make sure their goal difference stays higher if Uruguay wins. South Korea would move forward if they had a shared goal differential. 

Uruguay is a team that can only move forward with a win. They’d have to pray that South Korea doesn’t beat Portugal. As stated above, Uruguay must win by at least two goals more than South Korea if they are to prevail. 

Results and fixtures

  • Uruguay 0-0 South Korea. November 24,
  • Portugal 3-2 Ghana November 24
  • South Korea 2 Ghana, November 28
  • Portugal 2-0 Uruguay on November 28
  • South Korea vs Portugal, 3pm GMT, December 2,
  • Ghana vs Uruguay: 3pm GMT, December 2 

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