World Cup fans appeal to the New York Post not to repeat the headline “USA Wins0-0” from England tie

Cheeky says, “Gonna need the sequel” World Cup fans appeal to the New York Post not to repeat its 2010 headline, after USA won a hard-fought victory against England in Qatar.

This is one of the most anticipated matches in the history of the sport. World Cup, England, and the United States rehashed their rivalry but could not agree on a victor.

Americans celebrated the win in the USA after they defeated the hardest team in Group A without losing any points.

It also continued the Americans’ impeccable record against England – the USMNT has never lost to the Three Lions in a match. World Cup.

Fans recalled a famous headline that the New York Post published in 2010 to celebrate. World Cup after cup, the US drew England once more with the following text: ‘USA Wins 1-1). The aftermath saw calls for Twitter to replicate it grow louder, with “USA Wins 1-1” trending on the social media platform. Bleacher Report also came up with their own idea.

American soccer fans recall a New York Post headline of 2010 following another draw against England 

While The Post Hasn'T Released Their Headline, Bleacher Report Came Up With Their Own Concept

Bleacher Report’s headline has yet to be published by the Post, however they have released it.

One Twitter user said, “Gonna need to the USA Wins.0-0 sequel? To this classic.” @nypost’

The draw increases the chances that the United States will reach the knockout stages. To secure a place, a win over Iran is required.

With Tuesday’s game, Americans decided to take some time to celebrate and used Twitter to do so.

USA WINS 0-0 !!!’ Mike Ryan Ruiz, Dan LeBatard’s show producer, sent it out.

‘Friendly reminder, that the United States never lost to England during the Revolution World Cup. USA WINS 0-0,” another Twitter user wrote.

1669419834 863 World Cup Fans Urge The New York Post To Recreate

Usa Fans Celebrated Their 0-0 'Victory' Over England On Friday Afternoon After The Final Whistle

After the last whistle, USA fans celebrated their 0-0 victory over England.

America’s celebrations continued. One user wrote: “USA WINS! 0-0 FEELING Patriotic FOR ONCE IN MY LIVES”

A meme was also created by an American-based sportsbook: “USA WINS 0-0, IT IS CALLED SOCCERNOWWWWW.”

The result brought joy not only to Americans. @ODDSBible tweeted an image of a celebratory Scotland team, along with the caption: ‘Scotland supporters seeing USA win 0-0 against England tonight.

The USMNT is still working, despite the draw. The USMNT will need victory against Iran to prevail when they meet on Tuesday.

1669419834 271 World Cup Fans Urge The New York Post To Recreate

1669419835 82 World Cup Fans Urge The New York Post To Recreate

Celebrations Were Especially Loud In The United States, But Were Held Worldwide On Twitter

Although celebrations were louder in the United States of America, they were celebrated worldwide via Twitter

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