World Cup: Eric Wynalda issues apology for claiming Gregg Berhalter asked Reyna to LIE about injury

Ex-USMNT Player Eric Wynalda offers a humble apology for the claim that Gregg Berhalter asked Gioreyna to LIE to him about injury… he now claims he didn’t mean it and will play against Iran today

Eric Wynalda, a former USA international, has quickly backedtracked on his claims Gregg Berhalter had asked Gio Reyna for a lie about being hurt. He now insists that he didn’t mean it and apologizes to all those involved.

Wynalda, who was a part of three World Cups – Reyna (20) claimed last week that she had been arguing with the USA coach after refusing the lie about her injury for the Wales match. Berhalter strongly denied this claim.

America boss said at his press conference: “That’s just what I am.” It’s not who I am. If you feel that Eric or I are wrong, don’t hesitate to ask. But I know what actually happened. This is not who I am.

Wynalda, however, poured more cold water upon his own claims and revealed that he had reached for Berhalter to express his regret. 

Gio Reyna is training with his teammates in preparation for the USA’s crucial game against Iran

Gregg Berhalter Quickly Shut Down Claims He Had Lied Over The Dortmund Winger'S Injury

Gregg Berhalter immediately denied that he had made false statements about the Dortmund winger’s injury.

“The first thing that I want to clarify is that it was simply two dads talking about one child. [Claudio Reyna] Text messaging [Gregg Berhalter] Saying “man, I wish we could have seen the kid!” [Gio Reyna] On the field, I hope he gets more time,” he stated on SiriusXMFC. 

‘That’s all. If someone is trying to combine the two, as if Claudio Reyna is providing information, and then including me in the conversation; I must immediately dispel that.

“This is one of those classic situations where it’s not what you meant to say. Other words that I wish I could get back are “asking Gio for his support”. It’s not that he expected him to agree with it. This would have been better. I am not suggesting that he asked Gio physically to lie for him. 

Wynalda Appeared On A Podcast This Week To Clear Up His Comments And Make An Apology

Wynalda spoke on a podcast to clarify his comments and offer an apology

Reyna (Right) Came On Against England And Is Expected To Be Given More Game-Time Vs Iran

Reyna (right), who came on against England, is expected to get more game-time against Iran

“That’s incorrect, that’s what didn’t happen and that wasn’t what I was trying portray.” It’s misleading. And if you want to retract that, that is unfair. I don’t want that distraction to happen.

Wynalda went on to say that Reyna WILL be playing against Iran on Tuesday. This was something USMNT fans had been hoping for throughout the tournament.

The Borussia Dortmund youthster did not get off the bench against Wales in the first game. Against England, he played seven minutes.

Wynalda is confident that Reyna would play in the Iran do-or die clash. 

Berhalter Insisted That Reyna Was A Valued Member Of The Usmnt Roster And Can Help The Team

Berhalter insists that Reyna is an important member of USMNT’s roster and can assist the team.

Ex-Us Forward Wynalda (Right) Claimed Reyna'S Absence Has Caused Issues Within The Camp

Wynalda, an ex-American forward (right), claimed that Reyna’s absence caused problems within the camp

He said, “The good news is that they have discussed it out.” “This is a sad scenario, as it was that he wasn’t selected for the Wales game. That’s what I referred to. HeHe will soon be on the field. 

Gregg: ‘It is unfortunate. I would like to apologize for Gregg’s knowledge that Gio asked him to lie to him. This is all. I’d rather see this behind me like everyone else.

When asked if Berhalter had reached out to him, he replied: “Yes, but that’s not something we need to focus on right now.” Claudio received the second apology. This has put Gio into a very strange position and it was clearly not my intention. 

“This is the frustration of not being able to see some players we wanted on the pitch.”

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