World Cup” England and US fans disagree over who will keep James Corden host after a goalless match

After Friday’s draw in Qatar, both US and England soccer fans engaged in a Twitter battle over who gets to keep James Corden.  

That’s three times and counting that the teams have met on soccer’s biggest stage and England is still waiting for its first win against the Americans at a competitive tournament.

Gareth Southgate had already reminded his team of this record, the US having won 1-0 in 1950 and drawing 1-1 in 2010. They didn’t seem to heed his warning and didn’t respond to Gregg Berhalter’s young and energetic team.

To prove its place as one of the tournament favorites, England defeated Iran 6-2 in their opening game in Qatar. The US could have considered itself lucky to not lose another match after Christian Pulisic struck the crossbar in the first half and Weston McKinnie hit a shot from eight yards.

Before After the match, soccer fans made fun of Corden, the host of Late Late Night Show.

KFC UK’s Friday clashes were characterized by the tweet: “We merit James Corden after that performance,” 

Before Friday’s 0-0 draw, fans from both the US and England believed that the loser would need to keep James Corden within its own borders. Fans are not sure what to make of the inconclusive result.

Kfc Uk Did Not Hold Back In Its Assessment Of England'S Players' Performance Against The Us

KFC UK didn’t hesitate to assess England’s performance in the match against the US

The 0-0 draw means James Corden must be left in the middle Atlantic in a dinghy according to the rules. An England fan wrote #ENGUSA. 

A USMNT supporter shared the following: “As the result of the draw with England and USA James Corden has been set free in a wood barrel at the Atlantic,” she said. 

Another said: ‘Sadly that draw means James Corden will spend six months in each country per annum, the worst result of all. 

One fan came up with the solution to Friday’s inconclusive result. It suggested that Corden should “be blasted into outer space.” 

He added, “Nobody can get him, the entire world will heal.” 

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1669440049 43 World Cup England And Us Fans Argue Over Who Gets

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Fans From Both Countries Have Come Up With Some Brilliant Ideas After Friday'S Goalless Tie

After Friday’s goalless match, fans of both countries had some amazing ideas.

Reflecting on the goalless draw and its significance, another fan tweeted: ‘If we learned anything today, it’s that nobody wants James Corden.’ 

Alex Tiffin, an English journalist shared the following: “Let’s just give France James Corden. Then everyone’s a winner.” 

A fan in America wrote that James Corden should be placed in the middle the Atlantic Ocean because England and the USA had tied. 

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1669440050 384 World Cup England And Us Fans Argue Over Who Gets

1669440051 381 World Cup England And Us Fans Argue Over Who Gets

1669440051 735 World Cup England And Us Fans Argue Over Who Gets

One Fan Suggested To Give Corden Away To France, While Others Questioned Whether Friday'S Result Was Deliberate In Not Settling The Debate Surrounding The Actor'S Residential Status

One fan suggested Corden be given to France while others wondered if Friday’s outcome was intentional in not settling the dispute surrounding Corden’s residential status.

‘I’m sure USA and England arranged a draw so nobody had to keep James Corden,’ one skeptical fan said. 

Another fan tweeted, “At least now we have an excuse to chop James Corden in half,” 

After the scoreless tie, Arlo White, ex-Premier League commentator, stated, “So, who gets James Corden?” 

Friday’s draw between the two teams will set up a match against Iran on Tuesday to earn a spot for the U.S. in Round 16. Iran defeated Wales 2-0 earlier than expected and currently sits in second place in Group B, with three points more than the Americans.

For England to qualify for the Olympics, it will only be necessary to draw or win against Wales World Cup’s knockout phase.

England'S Players Will Be Disappointed With Not Booking Their Place In The Last 16 Against The Us

England’s players won’t be happy if they don’t get a place in the final 16 against the US.

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