World Cup 2022: Can you outguess our AI predictor robot?

Al Jazeera’s AI robot has recovered from a shaky start and correctly predicted the outcome of all four knockout matches.

The 2022 World Cup has produced an incredible amount of football and shocks.

The group stages made for endless high-octane thrillers, all laced with a touch of unpredictability. With 14 goals in the first four knockout matches, this tournament continued to pay off.

But behind the appeal of this football spectacle, an existential struggle is taking place in the offices of Al Jazeera.

The question: Who is better at predicting a football match? Kashef, our beloved AI robot or humans?

Kashef, the artificial intelligence (AI) robot, analyzes more than 200 stats, including wins, goals scored and FIFA rankings, from matches played over the past century to predict its match winners.

After each day of action, as players and fans go to sleep, Kashef dutifully downloads the day’s data and predicts the next day’s results and the expected route to the final.

But how accurate has Kashef been?

Kashef’s performance so far

The group stage was not kind to Kashef, who played it safe and did not foresee any of the many major setbacks.

After 52 matches, Kashef has an accuracy level of 67 percent. Every day, Kashef processes new data, honing his skills to predict and track which team is most likely to make it to the next round.

Ai Predictor

But as the deliberate emotional highs and lows – that come with the adrenaline-fueled World Cup environment – settle down and players get used to the schedule, Kashef’s conservative approach is starting to pay off, and he can now boast a winning streak of four games.

How did Kashef fare yesterday?

France against Poland

  • Kashef’s prediction: France wins – right
  • Al Jazeera poll: France wins – right
  • Final result: France 3-1 Poland

An identical result when you round the percentages is a promising sign that sometimes people and technology can both get it right.

After a decent performance from the Poles in the early stages, France showed their superiority, with Kylian Mbappé stealing the show with a spectacular brace.


England against Senegal

  • Kashef’s prediction: England to win – right
  • Al Jazeera poll: Senegal victory – incorrect
  • Final result: England 3-0 Senegal


For a moment, in the first half, it seemed that Al Jazeera readers had it right when Senegal harassed Harry Maguire and John Stones and put England in trouble. However, after Jordan Henderson opened the scoring in the 38th minute, there would only be one winner.

It was not only an important win for England, who are now in the quarter-final against France, but also for Kashef, who has now achieved a 100 percent success rate in the round of 16.

Who will make it to the quarterfinals?

Below you can see how Kashef sees this World Cup going, with Croatia, Brazil, Portugal and Spain in addition to the Netherlands, Argentina, England and France in the quarter-finals.

Interactive-Kashef-Prediction-December 5-Updated

Predicting match results is not an easy task. External factors such as team morale or player fitness make a big difference to how the game plays out.

See if you can outsmart Kashef and predict today’s winners by playing our AI game here.

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