World champion boxer Canelo Alvarez threatens Lionel Messi for disrespecting Mexico at World Cup

The world champion boxer Canelo Álvarez threatens Lionel Messi for disrespecting Mexico in celebration of the World Cup: “You better pray to God so that he doesn’t find it”

Multiple world boxing champion and proud Mexican Canelo Álvarez has sensationally threatened Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi for apparently disrespecting his country’s flag.

Messi scored for Argentina in their vital 2-0 win over Mexico on Sunday to keep his country’s World Cup dream alive, but it was the sight of the Paris Saint-Germain striker and his teammates celebrating in the dressing room that made Álvarez will be excited.

Alvarez, right, punches Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin in the fifth round of their super middleweight title fight in September. The Mexican champion is furious with Lionel Messi

Álvarez Posted The Above Tweet Threatening Messi For Disrespecting The Mexican Flag After Argentina Won 2-0 In Their World Cup Clash On Sunday.

Álvarez posted the above tweet threatening Messi for disrespecting the Mexican flag after Argentina won 2-0 in their World Cup clash on Sunday.

As Messi sang and took off his boots, he seemed to kick a Mexican shirt or flag that was on the ground.

“Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and our flag?” Álvarez tweeted.

You better pray to God I don’t find it.

‘Just as I respect Argentina, he has to respect Mexico!

“I’m not talking about the country as a whole, just about the nonsense that Messi did.”

Footage From Argentina'S Locker Room Shows Messi Stepping On A Mexican Jersey Or Flag And Then Apparently Kicking It While Removing His Boots.

Footage from Argentina’s locker room shows Messi stepping on a Mexican jersey or flag and then apparently kicking it while removing his boots.

Argentine fans were stunned by the outburst.

‘He’s [Alvarez] it only seeks attention since it is no longer relevant. Honestly never heard of him until now,” a fan posted.

“He’s clearly taking off his shoes,” another replied.

“All the blows Canelo took in his career are finally reaching his brain. It doesn’t work anymore,” added another.

Even Mexican fans had a hard time backing up Álvarez’s claims, with most agreeing that the Argentine star was simply taking off his boots after the game.

‘They want to break [his] balls and take everything out of context, they are in the locker room celebrating and they are taking off their boots. Messi is the most humble and I never denigrate anyone’, published a fan.

‘She was taking off her shoes,’ said another.

“I agree with you, Messi is going to take off his boot and accidentally touch the shirt, they are taking all this out of context,” agreed another.

Messi Celebrates Scoring A Crucial Goal For Argentina In Their 2-0 Win Over Mexico To Keep Their World Cup Dream Alive

Messi celebrates scoring a crucial goal for Argentina in their 2-0 win over Mexico to keep their World Cup dream alive

“Help I’m getting chills being from Mexico right now,” another fan posted.

However, some Mexican fans bought into the hysteria and insisted that Messi intentionally disrespected their flag.

“Surely they stepped on him and did what they wanted in the locker room and left him on the floor, it’s a shame that they represent their country in that way, the total admiration he had for them has collapsed,” a fan responded to Álvarez. .

Messi himself was relieved to have scored the decisive goal that keeps his country’s World Cup hopes alive after their shock 2-1 loss against Saudi Arabia in the Group C opening game.

“We needed this euphoria,” Messi said.

‘The days were very long and we were looking forward to the chance to turn it around. It was a critical match. [Winning] it was a weight off our shoulders, and now we are calm.’

“The first half was complicated by the situation and the need to win. We couldn’t find spaces.

‘In the second half, we started to play our game and do what we stand for. … The goal changed the game.’

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