‘World at a crossroad’: Xi and Biden hold historic meeting

“I also look forward to getting the China-US relationship back on track of healthy and stable development, benefiting our two countries and the world.”

Xi’s last face-to-face meeting with a US president was with Donald Trump in June 2019 in Osaka, Japan.


Biden not only kept Trump’s trade tariffs on Chinese goods, but went further by introducing new limits on the sale of semiconductor technology to China, a move aimed at crippling Beijing’s access to vital technologies.

US officials have also warned that China is accelerating plans to invade Taiwan, with Biden vowing several times to defend the self-governing island if Beijing takes steps to take control of Taiwan.

In his opening address at the meeting, Biden told Xi that “it’s just wonderful to see you,” adding that there was no diplomatic alternative to “personal discussions.”

Biden said the world expected the US and China to work together to tackle challenges ranging from climate change to food security.

“I am committed to keeping the lines of communication open between you and me personally, but also those of our government across the board because our two countries have so much we have a chance to deal with,” he said.

“As leaders of our two nations, I believe we share a responsibility to show that China and the United States can master our differences, prevent competition from ever becoming a conflict, and find ways to work together on urgent global issues that require our mutual cooperation.”

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