Workers can follow Turnbull's flagship energy policy

<pre><pre>When will Australia's next federal election be?

The workers will take the energy policy characteristic of Malcolm Turnbull – or something similar – to the next federal elections, since the business and industrial groups cry out for certainty.

As the coalition party hall meets on Tuesday to formally end the National Energy Guarantee, the Labor opposition is making contacts with energy giants and large consumers.

Then he will come to a final decision.

"We will not rush," a Labor spokesman told The Australian Financial Review on Tuesday.

The new data shows that energy prices have skyrocketed since the NEG was eliminated.

The federal government said that its energy plan would help reduce the prices of household electricity by at least $ 150 per year.

The policy was supported by all major industries, including mining, manufacturing and agriculture.

However, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull froze the plan after it proved unpleasant to some of his conservative colleagues.

He was deposed anyway, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison is preparing to bury the policy.

Workers have suggested that the measure will increase energy prices by hundreds of dollars, according to the government's own models.

"So that's the price, really, for Australian households of the weak and abject surrender of Scott Morrison to Tony Abbott, prices continue to skyrocket," said opposition energy spokesman Mark Butler.

But Energy Minister Angus Taylor says that lowering energy prices remains the government's priority.

"We are not afraid to use a big club in the big energy companies if that is what is required, we are not afraid to do it," he told parliament on Monday.

The business groups want the NEG to be replaced by another bipartisan plan that deals with the issue of emissions.

"Australia still needs a plan to reduce emissions to boost investment security and reduce energy costs," said Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive James Pearson.