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wordpress: WordPress introduces AI writing assistant, ‘Jetpack AI’


WordPress introduced a new one AI writing assistant, Jetpack AI, which will be integrated into the WordPress text editor. The AI ​​assistant is from Automaticallywhich is the main contributor to the open-source WordPress project.

jet pack AI can generate content from user prompts, such as articles, lists, or tables, using generative AI technology. In addition, the assistant can adjust the tone of the post to convey the desired message, ranging from informative to humorous or even sarcastic.

According to the company, the assistant easily integrates with WordPress.com and all Jetpack powered sites. When creating a post or page, you can add an “AI Assistant” block to your content. Then just type a natural language prompt and the AI ​​assistant will generate text based on that. In addition to generating content ideas, the assistant can also create structured lists and tables within your blog post.

Language support on Jetpack AI

According to Automattic, their new AI assistant can support 12 languages, including Hindi, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean. This means that writers can create content in their native language and later translate it into multiple languages. In addition, the assistant offers improved spelling and grammar correction features compared to the features built into WordPress.

Automattic claims that the tool can also correct spelling and grammar errors and translate between 12 languages ​​including Hindi, English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

The Jetpack AI Assistant block offers a free trial that allows users to send up to 20 requests. However, to continue using the feature after the trial period, users have to pay a monthly fee of $10.

The tool demonstrated its ability to summarize a blog post in a headline, adjust the tone of the text (users can choose between options such as ‘formal’, ‘provocative’ and ‘humorous’) and even edit an entire blog post. produce based on a single prompt: “Write a list of Tokyo’s must-visit destinations and give me a table of exchange rates from JPY to USD and Euro.”


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