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wordle: Wordle gets new ‘Golf’ minigame: what is it and how to play


word is an online word game that became popular and was adopted by New York Times (NYT) in January 2022. The publication also later announced that the game helped the company gain “tens of millions of new users”. However, the game hasn’t been in the news for quite some time. So, to spice things up, NYT has introduced a new mini golf game for Wordle.

Become Golf: What is it
The company took to Twitter to announce Wordle Golf. the game has been described as: “Wordle Golf is a new competitive way to play Wordle with family and friends, similar to a nine-hole game of miniature golf.” In this tweet, the company also shared the rules of the game.

How to play the game
To play this game you need a group of friends, relatives or colleagues. You must play for at least nine consecutive days to complete the game. Each day, all members of your group should record their scores on a scorecard. The scorecard is an Excel sheet that can be downloaded from the company’s official website.

On the last day, you must add up the scores to reveal the winner. However, this game has a twist. The player with the lowest score wins. If you miss a day, add seven extra points to your score. If you can’t finish it and guessed incorrectly six times, you have to add an extra half point to your six. If you ruin a word for others in the group, you must add four points to your daily score. If the word is corrupted, stop at the number of times you guessed and record that score.


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