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Word from The Hill: Another rate rise, higher tax on cigarettes, and likely JobSeeker boost for over-55s


Word from The Hill: Another rate hike, higher taxes on cigarettes, and likely job seekers boost for the over-55s.

In addition to her interviews with politicians and pundits, Politics with Michelle Grattan includes “Word from The Hill,” in which she discusses the news with members of The Conversation’s political team.

In this podcast, Michelle and Politics + Society editor Amanda Dunn discuss Tuesday’s Reserve Bank rate hike (25 basis points this time), the 11th hike in a year.

They also seek a likely increase in jobseeker payments for those aged 55 and older in next week’s budget, part of the government’s promised cost-of-living support package. The budget will hit cigarette smokers, with a 5% increase in excise taxes every three years, generating $3.3 billion in revenue for the government. Health Minister Mark Butler announced the increase in a speech on Tuesday, which also marked a comprehensive effort to tackle the vaping scourge.

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