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Woolworths’ Maison and Muse Marilyn Candle is an affordable alternative to Glasshouse’s famed Tahaa Affair.


Shoppers are swooning over a $25 Woolworths candle that looks just like the famous Glasshouse fragrance that’s worth more than twice the price

  • The new Woolworth candle smells a lot like a Tahaa Affair
  • Maison and Muse launched in Woolies recently
  • Candle is $25 compared to $54.95 from Glasshouse

Shoppers have been sent for a spin after discovering a low-cost candle of a popular scent from an upscale brand.

New Zealand brand Maison and Muse, currently stocked at Woolworths, has created a $25 Tahaa Affair version of Glasshouse Fragrance that costs more than twice the price.

Danica, a fragrance lover from Sydney, shared the discovery online telling followers to ‘run’ to the Woolies to get their hands on the boudoir before they were all snapped.

Danica was shocked at how similar the Maison and Marilyn fragrance collection was to Glasshouse’s $54.95 Tahaa Affair, calling it “sweet and divine.”

Maison and Muse launched Marilyn in December of 2021 across New Zealand stores, but it was only made available to Australian shoppers.

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Fragrance aficionados say the candle is a perfect dupe for Glasshouse's famous Taha case (pictured) at more than twice the price at $54.95.

Shoppers spotted Maison and Muse’s Marilyn candle (left) from Woolowworths that retails for $25, a perfect dupe for Glasshouse’s famous Tahaa Affair (right) scent that costs $54.95.

“PSA to all my fellow Glasshouse mates, yeah we’re in the Woolies, and yeah you read that right, we’re looking for a Tahaa dupe,” Danika said on TikTok. video while searching the supermarket aisles.

She reminded viewers to check the fragrance departments at Woolworths before finding Maison and Muse’s Marilyn and Diana scents in both the reed dispenser and the candle.

Danica was really shocked when she first smelled Glasshouse Dupe sure it was just like the real thing.

The scent lines are inspired by Marylin Munroe and Princess Diana and is currently on private display at Woolworths for $17 a candle from $25.

“Now don’t be confused, these guys aren’t just another basic trick, another supermarket candle,” Danica said.

If you actually scroll to Maison and Muse’s website, you can find cocktails tailored to mood boards and even Spotify playlists for pairing these scents when you take them home and burn them.

Danika bought a Marilyn candle and Diana dispenser at full price before the special went into effect, but he only spent $50 and it’s $4.95 cheaper than a Glasshouse 380g candle.

“You’ll find them in Woolies across Australia and online too, so if you haven’t seen them when you definitely go to the service desk and ask,” Danika explained.

“But other than that, you can hop online and hopefully find them there.”

TikToker Danika (pictured), from Sydney,

TikToker Danika (pictured), from Sydney, was ‘really shocked’ when she first smelled the Glasshouse hoax confirming it was just like the real thing

Danika bought a Marilyn and Diana candle at full price before the special went into effect but only spent $50 which is $4.95 cheaper than a Glasshouse 380g candle

Danika bought a Marilyn candle and Diana dispenser at full price before the special went into effect, but only spent $50 and it’s $4.95 cheaper than a Glasshouse 380g candle

Once home, Danica opened and set up the candle and diffuser in her apartment.

“I can confirm that Diana is a really sweet, beautiful and refreshing fragrance compared to Marilyn’s perfume which is just as sweet and divine as the Taha I’m used to,” she said.

Her video has garnered thousands of views and many have said they are running to Woolworths to get their Tahaa trick.

This TikTok made me go to Woolies 15 minutes before closing. A woman said: “Believing candle.”

“We love Taha, so I’ll go check it out,” one wrote, and a third added, “I have to try this!!”

Others were curious about how strong the scents were and wanted to know if they would fill their homes.

Danica said the diffuser was “very powerful” and perfect for those looking for an “extra hit” while the candle made her entire apartment smell “nice” after “full burn.”

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