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Wonders of the Women’s World Cup: Kits inspired by the natural beauty of nations


With just under four months to go before the 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia and New Zealand, Adidas has released a series of away kits for six of the nations that will compete in the tournament.

Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Spain and Sweden have been outfitted with a glorious array of alternative jerseys, all tailored but united by a common theme. Each design incorporates aspects of the natural visual splendor or iconic geographic features of that particular country.

Inspiration has been drawn from some of the world’s most stunning landscapes with color palettes, misty washes and abstract patterns giving each t-shirt a stunning and unique look.

With these kits being worn by two of the top three teams in the world in the FIFA World Rankings, Euro 2022 runners-up Germany and Tokyo Olympics finalists Sweden and team Spain , number 7 in the ranking, which includes many players from all over the world. Taking Barcelona by storm, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see at least one of these gorgeous kits for the final in Sydney on August 20.

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The rugged bands of teal, orange and white that wrap around Argentina’s away jersey are, according to Adidas, a representation of the stunning mountain landscapes that can be found across the country, from the pastel-colored Serranía de Hornocal to the north to the snow-capped peaks of Ushuaia, the capital of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, in the southernmost extremes.


The Cano Cristales River provides the inspiration for Colombia’s exceptional pink and purple design. Known as the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow,” the river is famous for changing hues from red to pink to yellow to green to blue at certain times of the year and in certain lights due to a tropical aquatic plant that grows along stretches of the riverbed. The jersey reflects the psychedelic appearance of water using the traditional alternate colors of the Colombian national team of pink, purple and black.


The Germany away jersey is directly inspired by the country’s vast green forest, particularly the Zauberwald (Magic Forest) and the mountainous Schwarzwald (Black Forest) located in the southern states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Deep green hues and thickets of swirling leaf patterns hint at the foliage and canopy of forests that, combined, cover an area equivalent to nearly a third of Germany’s total land mass.


An image of subtle beauty, Japan’s Pastel Pink and Lilac Gradient Shirt is inspired by the blushing sunrises seen over Mount Fuji, an iconic symbol of the Asian nation, its highest peak and a holy site of both Shinto and Chinese. Buddhism in Japan.


Reflecting blue oceans, an idyllic pale blue background is enclosed in the margins by a vivid purple coral graphic representing the various reefs found along Spain’s 3,000 mile coastline, similar to those found off the coast of the host nations of the World Cup.


Sweden’s deep blue away shirt is a visual homage to the ice caps, fjords and ancient glaciers that can be found across the Scandinavian nation. The country has around 300 glaciers, the largest being Stuorrajekna with an area of ​​around 8 square miles, and the kit also aims to highlight both the beauty and environmental importance of these majestic frozen floes.

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