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Latest News: Woman reveals super simple hack to see if your partner has nudes on their phone

A woman has revealed a simple, foolproof way to check if your partner is sexting with someone else – by seeing if they have any provocative snaps saved on their phone.

Leah Louvaine, 25, from London, shared the simple hack on TikTok, where viewers immediately tried it out for themselves and confirmed that it worked.

The podcast host (@leahontheline) says that while her methods are “toxic,” she’s here to help women who may have a “suspicion” that their partner is being unfaithful.

Whether you’re worried that he’s exchanging cheeky photos with someone else, or that he’s kept inappropriate photos of an ex on his phone, Leah shared her surefire trick for catching him in the act.

The viral video describing her method has garnered more than 64,000 likes and 693,000 views.

Leah Louvaine, 25, from London, shared on TikTok how people can search a phone’s camera roll to find nudes

Searching for specific keywords such as “bra” or “bikini” will bring up photos the person has saved on their phone

Viewers immediately tried the hack themselves on their own or their partners’ phones, confirming that it worked

In the excerpt from her podcast “Leah on the Line,” Leah says, “Want to know if your boyfriend has any nudes on his phone? Because I can show you how to do it. I literally have a hack.

“Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to grab our friend’s phone, we’re going to open the camera roll, we’re going to look for ‘bra’.

“If you look for that on your camera roll, you’ll find nudes. It comes with underwear pictures, it comes with bikini pictures.

“You never know when you’re going to have to pull that trick out of the bag.”

The podcast host (@leahontheline) says that while her methods are “toxic,” she’s here to help women who may have a “suspicion” that their partner is being unfaithful

Leah revealed that certain keywords can be used to show specific photos on someone’s camera roll

The podcast host said she used the word “bra” to reveal bikini photos on her devices

Users were quick to try Leah’s hack, with many praising the podcast host and claiming that it works.

Me: I don’t want to know. Me too: pay full attention,” said one user.

Another person wrote, “News to me that there was even a ‘search’ option.”

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“Not necessarily if they have them in the ‘hidden’ folder on the camera roll, which requires Face ID,” another person commented, to which Leah responded with a red flag emoji.

Another user said, “Oh my gosh, it’s working… currently single, but I’ll take this information with me.”

While saying she doesn’t condone snooping on anyone’s phone, the host said the hack could be useful for women trying to figure out if their partners are being unfaithful

After trying the hack on her own phone, Leah was happy to share her knowledge with other women who may be concerned about their partner’s behavior

“Did it on my own roll of film. It works,’ someone else confirmed.

“Great tip!” someone else said.

One user shared, “We all just tried this on our own phones and found a bunch of dirt we have on ourselves. Time to delete some things.’

“He only had mine, we’re all good,” someone else said.

“Toxic but true,” said another user.

After trying the hack on her own phone, Leah was happy to share her knowledge with other women who might be concerned about their partner’s behavior.

“I used my own phone to test the hack,” Leah said.

“I found bikini photos and my underwear collaboration photos.

“It still amazes me how smart the search function is.

“A lot of people went straight to their camera roll and then came back to the comments section to confirm it works.”

Some people joked that they “didn’t want to know” what was on their partner’s phone, but others tried the tip


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