Woman reveals she pays just $350 A MONTH for her New York City apartment

New Yorker, born and raised, has revealed that she pays only $350 per month for her large studio apartment in New York City. She had lived in the building all her life. 

Akasha, who works in the food industry, welcomed content creator Caleb Simpson In her rent-controlled rental unit for him Many popular series exploring interesting spaces in the Big Apple, which he has dubbed ‘this generation’s MTV Cribs.’

He stated at the beginning of the video that he had toured more than 200 apartments in New York City and found the most affordable. It costs $350 per month in Manhattan.

Akasha invited Caleb Simpson to her New York City apartment. He created the popular video series. She revealed that she pays $350 per month for rent 

Caleb Shared That He Has Toured Over 200 Spaces In New York City, And Hers Was The 'Cheapest One' He Has Found

Caleb shared with us that he’s toured more 200 New York City spaces and that his favorite was hers.

The Tour Started In The Kitchen, Which Has A Restaurant Feel Thanks To The Stainless Steel Racks That Are Installed Above The Sink And Stove

The tour began in our kitchen. This area has a restaurant vibe thanks to the stainless-steel racks above the stove.

Akasha, her aunt and uncle and the former residents of the building were Akasha’s parents. 

“We moved here during the early ’90s. She explained that we moved across the hall and my aunt moved here. She lived there for over 20 years.

She After they had left, they took over their apartment and joked that it was ‘literally one of the easiest moves in the whole world. 

The tour began in the restaurant’s kitchen. Thanks to the stainless steel racks installed above the stovetop and sink.

Akasha Then Took Caleb To See The Pink-Tiled Bathroom, Which Is Considered Quite Large For A New York City Apartment

Akasha took Caleb with her to the pink-tiled bathroom. It is large enough for an apartment in New York City.

'We Used To Joke When I Was A Kid, Because I'Ve Lived In This Building My Entire Life, That My Bathroom Was Bigger Than Some People'S Apartments,' She Said

She said that she used to joke with her about how big her bathroom was when she was a child, as she had lived there all of my life.

Because there are very few cabinets and limited counter space, she keeps her dishes and cups on the shelves. She also hangs her pots from the walls. 

Cream curtains are used to cover the extra storage spaces around the refrigerator. They were already there when she moved into it. 

She stated that “a lot of this was inherited.” “It’s very useful to me…having people in here for a very lengthy time. They solved it.

Akasha took Caleb with her to the bathroom in pink tiles. It is quite large for a New York City apartment. 

Akasha'S Family Moved Into The Building In The Early '90S, And They Lived Across The Hall From Her Aunt And Uncle. After Two Decades, They Moved Out, And She Took Over Their Apartment

Akasha’s relatives moved into the building around the turn of the ’90s. They lived across the hall and from her aunts and uncles. After After twenty-five years, they left and she took their apartment.

Most Of Her Storage Is Contained In Her Large Floor-To-Ceiling Closet That Has Two Clothing Racks Stacked On Top Of Each Other

The majority of her storage space is located in her large, floor to ceiling closet with two racks on top of each others.

Akasha Said She Inherited Most Of The Built-In Storage Spaces From Her Aunt And Uncle

Akasha said she inherited most of the built-in storage spaces from her aunt and uncle

“We used jokes when I was a child, because we lived in the same building our entire lives, that our bathroom was larger than other people’s apartments,” she stated. 

The majority of her storage space is located in her large, floor to ceiling closet with two racks on top of one another. A bookshelf, which she refers to as her ‘book corner’, is located at the side of her closet.  

Akasha keeps a small table and stackable tables under it that she can pull out when she has guests. She also has a couch that fits between her bed and the kitchen. 

A long table is located across from the bed and can be used as both a desk or a TV stand. She also has a storage ottoman underneath that provides additional seating and more space. 

Akasha, a New York University grad, said that this apartment building was her safe haven when she was growing older and was getting into trouble in the community. 

The Nyu Graduate, Who Works In The Food Industry, Has Enough Room For A Couch, A Small Table, And A Large Bed In The Spacious Studio

NYU graduate who is in the food industry has enough space for a couch, small table and large bed in his spacious studio.

She Doesn'T Have Any Plans To Leave The Apartment Thanks To The Unbeatable Cost, And She Joked That They Are Going To Have To Drag Her Corpse Out

She Due to the exorbitant cost of the apartment, she doesn’t intend to move out. She joked that they would have to drag her dead body out.

Akasha Said That She Has Seen A 'Huge' Amount Of Gentrification In Her Neighborhood Over The Years, But The Culture Is Still Artsy And Grungy - Albeit More Expensive

Akasha stated that although there has been a lot of gentrification in her area over the years, the culture is still vibrant and artsy. However, it is more expensive. 

She Although she said she has seen a lot of gentrification, the culture is still very artsy and grungy.  

“Punk will always come back,” she said. She said that drugs will never cease to exist. She explained that drugs never go away, “just as all of these things are still very present here, it’s just sometimes more frillier or more expensive.”

Caleb’s mom is a big fan of Akasha’s videos and was the one to reach out to him to inquire about her unbelievable-low rental. 

Despite the incredible cost, it’s not surprising that she has no plans to leave the apartment. 

She said, “They’re going drag my corpse from this.” 

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