Woman raped by Harvey Weinstein & # 039; Launches video of him touching her

<pre><pre>Woman raped by Harvey Weinstein & # 039; Launches video of him touching her

The following is an extract from the class action lawsuit that describes the alleged violation. Harvey Weinstein has vehemently denied all accusations of forcing himself on women and is preparing for his next court date to face charges involving other alleged victims.

On September 29, 2011, Thompson met with Weinstein to present Intercast at The Weinstein Company's office at 375 Greenwich Street in New York City. Thompson was taken to Weinstein's empty office, where she set up her laptop to display the digital marketing platform. He activated the video recording on his computer to use the live broadcast of her and the attendees of the presentation to demonstrate how Intercast works.

"When Weinstein came into his office, he repeated several times to people who were out of his office:" Do not interrupt, do not interrupt. "Then he closed and closed the door of his office, he was alone.

Thompson rose from his seat and extended his right hand to shake his hand. Weinstein deflected his hand with his left hand, moving his right hand towards his shoulder, and then slid his hands from the top of his back to his lower back, commenting "That's fine."

After making a small talk, Weinstein asked Thompson: "So I can connect with you?" Thompson replied: "Ummmmm. We'll see. A little bit. & # 39; Thompson felt cornered, as if he had to play to keep his tone before it started. Weinstein turned abruptly and said: "Oh, then I will not. What do you want? & # 39; making it clear that she had to play if she wanted her business.

"Thompson then redirected Weinstein's attention to business and technology demonstration on his computer, explained to Intercast his technological capabilities, and how President Obama and TWC's competitors used the technology.

& # 39; Weinstein then asked how the technology would work if he wanted to show a preview of his Marilyn Monroe movie. When Thompson began to respond, Weinstein leaned down and began to stroke her leg and move her hand under her dress. Thompson panicked. His legs felt wobbly. His speech was interrupted. She hesitated and then continued with the tone, believing that if she did not react she would stop. Weinstein muttered, "It's funny when you do this," referring to his hand caressing his thigh, but then tried to assure him that he was part of the deal, saying, "but I'm actually having a serious conversation with you."

Thompson continued his presentation, focusing on the capabilities of the technology and the cost of the options, trying to maintain the commercial tone, not returning Weinstein's touch and keeping his elbows on the table. behavior as a welcome to his actions, he also feared that, if he got angry, his advances would be more forceful.

While Thompson continued making the presentation and reviewing examples of where and how Intercast had been used, Weinstein stroked his shoulder and ran his hand down his arm. When he ran his hand down her leg and under her dress, Thompson moved away from him and tried to delicately balance the saving face, as he closed his actions, to end the meeting. Thompson felt his brain shift between fighting mode or flight mode. As his caresses increased, he lost his ability to concentrate on the field, forgot what he was saying and could not think clearly.

"During the launch, Weinstein stood up to call Stephen Bruno, marketing president of TWC (now on Netflix)." Weinstein said, "Steve, what are you doing? Where are you, at 99 Hudson? Can you take 5 minutes? I want you to meet Melissa Thompson, who was given this Intercast to make spots and all kinds of things. Come on with a 375. Ok. Thanks. & # 39;

Weinstein hung up and asked Thompson if he wanted a glass of water. He told him to follow him to the kitchen attached to his office. She thought this was a good distraction for the pattern of impropriety and power that Weinstein orchestrated. But when they reached the kitchen, Harvey quickly turned and caught her, pinning her against the refrigerator, making sure he was between her and the exit.

When they returned to the office, Weinstein told Thompson that he needed to work on editing a movie for an hour and asked Thompson to take him to the Tribeca Grand Hotel at 5:30 p.m., promising to make a deal with the services of Intercast. Thompson felt pressured to do so to secure the deal.

"Thompson left the TWC offices, arrived at the Tribeca Grand, placed his laptop to work in the restaurant area and ordered a Diet Coke.

"At 5:30 p.m., Weinstein arrived at the restaurant, and without pause, he asked for the check, then threw cash on the table, told Thompson to take his drink and follow him." He went to the elevators, moving Thompson with him.

"Thompson knew there were screening rooms at the Tribeca Grand, which were usually used for entertainment business meetings, and he expected them to go where they were going." They left the elevator on the third floor.

"During this time, Weinstein was talking to Thompson about his mutual friends, including his boyfriend, and Weinstein's wife." Based on the nature of the conversation, Thompson felt more comfortable, believing that Weinstein was recognizing that he was not going to try anything. unfavorable given their respective relationships.

A short distance down the corridor, Weinstein opened a door and put Thompson into a living room in his hotel suite. Thompson was surprised that he was in his private room. In a desperate attempt to establish a professional tone for the meeting, Thompson opened his laptop on the coffee table directly in front of the entrance and knelt to install it. Weinstein went to a refrigerator in the far corner of the room, opened a Diet Coke, and then sat behind her on the couch and began rubbing her shoulders.

"Thompson kept trying to get away from him, but Weinstein used his strength to maintain contact and continued to massage his shoulders.Thompson tormented his brain about how to distract him.She had checked all the release materials and made a quick and desperate decision to try to I distracted him with a new video. "As he watched, Thompson excused himself to use the bathroom and tried to figure out how to leave the hotel room politely, sat in the bathroom, reviewing scenarios about how to excuse himself from the room. and annoyed because he was in the hotel room of Weinstein.

"When Thompson came out of the bathroom, however, Weinstein did not have any pants on." Weinstein walked toward her, naked from the waist down, and told her to join him in the shower.She declined.He then reached for her dress and tugged. Zipper down. "Thompson panicked and tried to pull away.

"Thompson tried to zip up again, and while he was doing it, Weinstein knelt and tried to take off his stockings, while pushing one leg of her stockings, she tried to lift the other, her hands were everywhere and she could not get free of him. And while Weinstein slid his hand down Thompson's bare leg, she tried to get away from him and loudly declared that she did not think her boyfriend would appreciate what he was doing. from his waist, Weinstein replied in a resolute tone: "F *** him."

"By then, he had maneuvered Thompson into the bedroom." Blocked by the position and size of Weinstein, Thompson was petrified and cornered, feeling nauseous and not knowing how to get rid of the situation.

& # 39; Weinstein then took off his shirt and lay face down on the bed. Apparently, feeling his hypervigilance, Weinstein told her that "you do not have to do anything, just rub my shoulders." Thompson felt that she did not have a good option in the situation, she told herself that if she could leave after the massage – if this was the extent of the aggression – he would be relatively unscathed – it seemed the only way out of a situation over which he had no control.

"When she sat on the bed, he got on his back and tried to undress her aggressively." She tried to take off her stockings again, while she resisted, leaving a half and a half.

He lifted her dress, exposing her underwear, despite her attempts to stay covered.

& # 39; Weinstein then began to masturbate, he demanded that & # 39; He would come and push her head between her legs, in an attempt to force her to masturbate. Thompson refused viscerally and forcefully. He shook himself as hard as he could, visibly upset.

"Thompson was shaking uncontrollably and exploding in hives." In response to Thompson's jolts, Weinstein grabbed her, using brute force to push her floor onto the bed face down as she pulled up her dress and moved her underwear to one side. fighting, but could not overcome it.

Weinstein arrested Thompson and raped her. Thompson closed her eyes, traumatized, praying that the assault would end. Eventually, Weinstein retreated and began to masturbate with her as he rushed to create distance from him. Weinstein ejaculated in bed, immediately after which his behavior changed and he acted as if nothing had happened.

Thompson felt completely dissociated and ill. Covered with hives, Thompson could not think clearly or breathe. Acting as if everything were normal, Weinstein again asked Thompson to take a shower with him. She refused and Weinstein proceeded to shower alone. He masturbated in the shower where Thompson could see him while Thompson dressed and picked up his things to leave.

Before leaving, Weinstein started talking to her about the contracts with Intercast and about the roles she had in mind for her, and told her that she would arrange a meeting with the TWC colleagues.

Thompson was completely baffled, terrified and in shock and disbelief. Thompson felt nauseous and anguished.

Moments of the assault that just occurred appeared in his mind, something that would continue for years to come. He tried to get together and left the room alone, Weinstein now standing in an open bathrobe after his shower.

"Thompson felt dirty and ashamed."